Happy 3rd Anniversary Game of Thrones Conquest!

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Celebrate our 3rd Anniversary with special events, daily gifts, and more! 

We are extremely honored to share and celebrate our 3rd Anniversary with our wonderful community of Lords & Ladies! It’s humbling to reach a three year milestone and and even more so to do it with some of the best players around. 

The last year in Game of Thrones Conquest has seen a lot of changes. We’ve added several new events to the game, such as the popular midweek PVP in Children of the Forest.  There’s been additional customization options for dragons and player avatars, we’ve also seen the rise of the new Kingdom vs Kingdom event with Rebellion: War for the Throne!

To celebrate our 3rd Anniversary, we’re putting together a series of activities across the next few weeks to give back. There’s a lot going on, let’s jump in: 

Greatest Hits Week

The Game of Thrones: Conquest Anniversary kicks off with rapid fire events based on some of the most popular monthly activities. Starting on September 28, look for quick 24h versions of The Rise of Dragons, Rich Man’s Shadow, Priest’s Shadow, King’s Shadow, and a new event called Strong & Sharp to craft any armor or trinket. 

Remember, these are daily events, so you’ll need to plan your activities accordingly and prepare your resources carefully. 

Anniversary Login Event

To Celebrate a three year anniversary, we’re giving out three special in-game login rewards through Raven message. Starting on Oct 19th and running to Oct 21st, check in game for helpful gifts as a thank you to our Community. Each gift has a short timer, so you’ll have to login each of the three days to ensure you pick up your reward! 

New Wallpapers

Tap or click to download
Tap or click to download

We’re overjoyed to see a continued interest in the art of Game of Thrones Conquest, so we have a new set of wallpapers to enjoy. May these adorn your walls while you meet during your next Allegiance meeting or PVP planning session! 

Tell Us Your Story! 

While the Anniversary is a time of celebration, it’s also a chance for reflection. Has Game of Thrones: Conquest brought you closer to friends or you have formed new bonds in battle? Tells about your quest for glory, maybe a particularly hard fought encounter during weekend PVP or KvK?

While Game of Thrones: Conquest recounts epic tales through our game events, monthly missions, and weekly activities, it’s the stories that emerge from within that have some of the deepest meaning. We’d be honored if you could share these with us and inspire others across Kingdoms far and wide. 

Comment here on Facebook or join our Discord Channel and regale us on the past year with your stories of adventure! 

More to Come

While an Anniversary is a time for celebration and reflection, it’s not the end of the Game of Thrones: Conquest story. Stay tuned for more news, updates, and activities planned for the next year of the game!