Introducing Heroes

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Introducing Heroes, a new feature arriving in Game of Thrones: Conquest on November 18! 

Build the ultimate Small Council with 8 distinct seats, including The Hand, Master of Coin, and Lord Commander. Upgrade your Heroes and utilize special skills of unique characters from the Game of Thrones series. Deploy your Heroes on Marches to aid in your Conquest of Westeros! 

Build Your Small Council 

Heroes launches with 30 characters to choose from, all with their own skills and signature abilities! Be the ultimate tactician in your Kingdom and add Heroes to the Small Council that compliment your goals. Many Heroes offer immediate PvP buffs and increase your army’s strength while on Marches. Whereas others are focused on PvE, city development, and more. A well managed Small Council could be the deciding factor in your success, so plan accordingly!

Adding Tyrion Lannister to your Master of Whisperers seat is a great pick for upgrading buildings or performing research. Tyrion has a diverse skill set, including bonuses for Construction Speed, Maester Speed, Build Time, and more. 

Plan to hold Kings Landing or another valuable Seat of Power? Adding Cersei Lannister to your Small Council as Hand of the King grants bonuses to Reinforcement Capacity at a Seat of Power.

Heroes can also be added to your Marches to enhance your combat ability on the field. Jamie Lannister is an excellent pick while advancing on Rival Houses in PVP, whereas Jon Snow is a top pick against creatures in PVE. Each Hero brings something new to the fight, so check their skills before heading into battle. 

Develop Your Heroes

Each hero has a number of skills that, when active, apply powerful buffs. Skills come in two distinct varieties, Star Skills and Signature Skills. The skills vary based on the Hero, and are only active while a hero is assigned to a march or the Small Council.

Think of Star Skills as bursts of power, you’ll pick them up every 10 levels as a static buff to your Hero’s abilities. Star Skills are available for all Heroes with more skills available at higher rarities, so an Uncommon Hero will have only three Star Skills, while a Mythic Hero has six.

Signature Skills are available immediately and gain in power as you progress your Hero. Each hero has two Signature skills​, some may be a direct benefit to your Marches, while others are restricted to your Small Council. 

For instance, Missandei strengthens Infantry while leading a march, but provides buffs to Dragon Research and your Dragon’s Cavalry while sitting on your Small Council. As you progress and acquire more Heroes, making these tactical choices becomes increasingly important to your success. 

You Decide

There are many ways to play The Great Game, will you ascend through diplomacy or through brutal force on the battlefield? The Heroes feature lets you recruit from a powerful cast of characters who can serve as advisors or generals. Who would you most want to summon to advise you in the war room? 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look into Game of Thrones: Conquest’s next big release, but it’s not all set in stone yet. We need your help​ to decide how one of our launch day Heroes will​ work- Mythic Daenerys!

Daenerys Targaryen has led many armies into battle. We want to hear from you – What in-game stats do you think best represent her as a Commander, Liberator or Queen?

Join us in the #Heroes channel over on discord to chat with the team and help design a piece of the final feature: