Heroes Arrive in Game of Thrones: Conquest

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Beginning today, players can begin summoning Heroes to join their Small Council or grant buffs while on the March. With 30 Heroes available at launch and more to come in the months ahead, you’ll have to choose your team wisely if you hope to be successful on the battlefield. 

The Tower of the Hand

To start your Hero journey, begin by constructing  the new Tower of the Hand building in your City. This is where you’ll Summon Heroes, advance their skills, and place them in your Small Council. Each day, you can receive a Standard Summon for free. Make sure to claim it every day to reap the benefits! 

Heroes are Summoned using Seals, which are commonly found in daily summons, events, or offers. There are Standard Seals, Noble Seals, and Royal Seals. The quality of the Seal increases the likelihood of gaining more valuable Heroes and items from a Summon. Gather Seals through Cumulative Login rewards, Daily Tasks, Events, and more! 

You can Summon Heroes using a single Seal or in a batch of ten. Each Summon grants rewards including Hero Relics, Hero XP, and advancement materials. Using a batch of ten Seals will yield bonus rewards, so save them accordingly!  

You’ll also be able to earn higher rank Seals while Summoning, which gives you a higher chance for rare or more powerful Heroes. For instance, as you Summon using Standard Seals you’ll earn Noble Seals as well. In turn, Nobile Seals can earn Royal Seals when Summoning. This progression can be very powerful, keep an eye out for each Seal type when Summoning!

Hero Placement

After you’ve Summoned Heroes to your City, you’ll want to start placing them in either a Small Council role or add them to a March. While all Heroes can perform both roles, it’s important to check their stats to see where they’ll be the most effective. Look also for Council Skills and March Skills that compliment each other, finding the right synergy between Heroes can be incredibly powerful.

Hero Advancement

While considering your Hero placement, let’s do a quick look at Skills. Heroes come with two distinct types, Signature Skills and Star Skills.

  • Signature Skills: these buffs advance with each Hero level and become increasingly more powerful. 
  • Star Skills: fixed buffs that unlock every ten Hero levels with each star upgrade. Think of these as big boosts of power as you progress your Hero’s advancement.

To level a Hero, you’ll need Hero XP, Oaths, and Relics. Experience is needed to advance your Hero at every level, Oaths are used to reach Star Skills at every ten levels, and Relics can be used to unlock Heroes and upgrade Star Skills. Every Hero requires 500 Relics to unlock. The number of each varies as you progress, so make sure to keep stocking up whenever possible. 

A Time For Heroes

A new Hero themed event is now available, A Time for Heroes, participate by unlocking Heroes and leveling them up! Earn rewards through each milestone to help you continue to build your Small Council! 

Heroes Wallpapers

Have you noticed all the new login screens during the past few weeks? We loved watching the construction on the new Tower of the Hand building. We hope you enjoy these as wallpapers for your desktop: 

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Heroes is one of the largest features ever to arrive in Game of Thrones: Conquest and we’re eager to hear what you think of it. Head to our Discord page or Social Channels to let us know about your experiences with Heroes and the Small Council!