December Preview – Aegon’s Conquest

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Welcome to the December preview for upcoming events and activities in Game of Thrones: Conquest. This month’s theme focus centers around Aegon’s Conquest: 

Three centuries ago, Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters flew their dragons across Westeros and united a continent in their shadow. With ingenuity, courage, fire, and blood, they forged these fragmentary kingdoms into a legendary dynasty.

New events kick off on December 2nd and feature PVE Events, Crafting, and more on the way. Stay tuned for some special Rally events that arrive mid month as well. As always, check the Events tab in-game or follow our social channels on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

New Gear Set – Keep Architect

The Keep Architect is the newest gear set to arrive in Game of Thrones: Conquest! This new set includes bonuses to your troop health, defense, and various bonuses against Seats of Power in combat. Placing in the Armory earns bonuses to Reinforcement Capacity, March Size vs SOP, and more. 

Will you craft this set? In part or in full? Or place in your Armory? Join the discussion on Discord and let us know your feedback!

Festival of the Father

The Festival of the Father returns in December! If you aren’t familiar with the event, the goal is simple, complete the Daily Quests to earn points and Allegiance Gifts. These gifts contain both bonus points and Favors for the Father to be used later. To maximize points, all Allegiance members should complete missions and collect Gifts. 

How popular are you in your Allegiance? The second portion of the Festival event rewards points based on gifts received! Use your personal popularity for bragging rights and points of course. 

Snapchat Lenses

Have you played around with our new Snapchat Lenses? These are a fun new addition and something we had fun creating. How would you look in the monthly gear set? Perhaps you’d like to wear the 3rd Anniversary crown? Wonder no more! 

Planning your next Allegiance activity or prepping for a PVP weekend on a Zoom call? You can use these Lenses to impress your friends! Grab the SnapCamera app, find the Lenses by searching ‘GOTC’ and apply them by selecting the Snap Camera in Zoom. We hope you enjoy!

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We hope you enjoyed today’s preview and look forward to your feedback! Join us on Discord and chat about this post or anything on your mind.