Kingdom Merge Updates – December Progress

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Welcome to our December check-in for Kingdom Merge Update work! 


As a refresher from our previous updates, this redesign was aimed at unblocking massive kingdom merges and making the process smoother. 

As part of this process, we have also fleshed out how we handle inactive keeps. 

You may have noticed that we enabled new Days Since Last Active information in the Allegiance panel in November. This is an easy way to keep tabs on your teammates and see who is nearing Exile.


The next step to this process, Exile, will be going live later this month! 

How will Exile works:

  • After 35 days without logging in to the game, as well as if you have no active bannerman, your account will become eligible for Exile.
  • Once Exiled, your keep will be removed from the combat map.
  • You will also be removed from your Allegiance. 
  • Your account is not deleted, all of your inventory, troops and progress will remain untouched  – if you log in again in the future, you will be repatriated back on to the correct kingdom.
  • If you were taken out of an allegiance, you will not be put back in.

Exile is essential to our ability to continue merging kingdoms in the future. 


We will be enabling Exile in waves to account for the initial backlog of inactive accounts. These will start at the end of December, with the largest waves of inactive removals falling after the holidays in January.

Exile is a piece of the larger puzzle here, however, we are on track to complete this work by the end of January!

We are excited to complete this work and that the impact on running merges in the meantime has been minimal. We appreciate all the feedback we’ve gotten along the way and can’t wait for January merges to begin!

Thank you for playing Game of Thrones: Conquest