Release Notes v432640

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Update 432640 has rolled out, read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.

New and Upcoming

  • Heavy snowfall has filled in the area south of the Dragon Pit. We’ve heard the builders commenting that it might be a prime spot for expansion once the snow thaws though…

Bug Fixes

  • The Days Since Last Played Text would display as yellow even though it was supposed to display red.
  • Clicking the back button after summoning multiple times would bring the player back to the summoning results panel.
  • The summoning menu would flash to the Tower of the Hand main menu for a split second before returning to the summoning menu.
  • Tapping the heart in the the Heroes Tower of the Hand didn’t produce a SFX.
  • After favoriting a Hero the heart icon didn’t display on the march and small council panels.
  • Relic packs would appear behind summons rewards. 
  • Great Hall Banners would show sometimes show generic banners instead of the player banner.
  • In chat, players banners would overlap with the “Kingdom” and “Allegiance” header.
  • The daily rewards would clip through once the Join Allegiance panel popped up.
  • When the SOP reinforcements list was updated, the player would be sent back up to the top of the list.
  • When submitting a support ticket on iOS there was a chance that the reference code of the previous ticket was not displayed in the “Previous Ticket” section of the Customer Support UI.
  • The Featured Offers panel inside the Dragon Pit may have become transparent after transitioning from the Dragon Pit to the Featured Offers panel multiple times.
  • After removing a player from your blocked list, their messages would not re-appear in kingdom chat.
  • When you swiped right with the screen reader, it would move along the incorrect buttons in the message center.
  • In the bulk collect panel the player would see 10% instead of 10k for Dragon: Max March Size buff.
  • A player’s banner would sometimes be transparent on the Kingdom Map.
  • Tapping on multiple rural plots at a time would lock the camera into position.
  • When repeatedly tapping the Forge now button in the Smithy, an out of sync message could appear.
  • Tapping your scout twice would bring up two scouting panels.
  • The Creature Finder continued to say “move the camera to continue search” after a search was canceled.
  • Screen Reader support was detecting an invisible close button in the message center.
  • It was possible to tab through store pages during a transaction, which could result in an incorrect reward banner displaying (Actual rewards were correctly delivered.)
  • A confirmation popup did not appear when attempting to upgrade a 4th Building or Research
  • Game of Thrones : Conquest wasn’t clearing out data on player’s devices and caused the game to take up more disk space than necessary. 

We hope you enjoy these fixes and look forward to hearing your feedback!