January Preview – The Hound

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January in Game of Thrones: Conquest features a look at The Hound and his many exploits. Be sure to read through each of the lore pieces attached to each event in game and remember his journey through the world. 

A toy soldier burns in a brazier, fire and cinder rise from glowing cracks. A child pleads for mercy as his brother drags him closer to the flame. His skin grows hot just as Sandor Clegane is roused from another troubled night’s sleep. The journey back to King’s Landing has been long and hard – worth it to be reunited with dear brother one last time. After all the war and fire and bloodshed, it’s time to bring an end to it.

In today’s preview we’ll look a bit closer to the new Hound themed gear set, upcoming Heroes, and a look at upcoming PVP events. Let’s jump in… 

War Hound Gear Set

As you might have seen in our recent preview, the War Hound gear set focuses on Cavalry! This new set adds boosts to Cavalry Defense, Cavalry Attack, as well as gains against players and ranged units. Will you craft this new set? In full or in part? Let us know! 

January Heroes

Two new Heroes join the roster in January, maybe you can guess at least one of them… the Hound? Yes! If you’ve been following the January theme so far or just watching our social channels, then this seems like a pretty easy answer. We also have another popular and highly requested Hero arriving – Arya Stark! 

Stat wise, we’re providing a bit more insight into how these characters develop, both in early and late game. Here’s a quick look for what to expect: 

With an emphasis on Cavalry, The Hound sees immediate early game gains from March skills, but these also develop into late game as well. For the Council, expect to see a big bump in late game. 

Arya Stark is both a Ranged and Cavalry themed Hero. Early on, you’ll see the most immediate games to Cavalry from the Small Council. While March skills favor Ranged and gain the most power in the late game. 

We hope you enjoy this early preview and look forward to your feedback on these two Heroes! 

PVP Preview

As a new addition to our Monthly Preview, we’re going to look at some of the upcoming PVP events for the month. We know this information is valuable and helps you plan, so we figured it best to provide as much notice as possible.

War for the Throne: January 15 – January 17

Our first Rebellion: War for the Throne event of 2021 kicks off on January 15th. If you’ve not yet participated in a War for the Throne, you’ll have to brush up on the basics and prepare for the all out brawl between two kingdoms. 

The Climb: January 23 – January 24

After the popularity of our Children of the Forest event midweek, we’re adding a new Strategic Terrain PVP event to the weekend activities. In this PVP event, you do not gain points from attacking players at Keeps. Points are only gained from skirmishes at Strategic Terrain and Seats of Power. We hope you enjoy this event and are keen to take on any feedback from your experiences, so let us know what you think of it! 

Night’s Watch Mutiny: January 29 – January 31

Choose whether to lead the charge at the Wall or support your allies by gathering gifts from Strategic Terrain! Pay close attention to the Hour of the Wolf unlock times and buff to aid in your battles. Read our most recent guide to help prepare for this event when it arrives at the end of the month! 

We Value Your Feedback

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look into the month of January. If you like this preview or have opinions on how it could be improved, visit us on Discord and post your feedback!