Release Notes 2021_01

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Update 2021_01 will be rolling out over the next couple weeks! Read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.


A new year means updating our game engine to a newer version. Historically, the only impact these updates have for players is an increase in asset load-ins when you load into the game the first time after downloading. While assets are still downloading, you may see symptoms such as:

  • buildings within the city not immediately loading in
  • the combat map not being available
  • slower loading in general

We recommend that you connect to a strong wifi connection rather than cellular data for this update and the first time you load in after updating, and if you encounter any of the symptoms above, leave the game open for a minute to let it finish downloading in the background before attempting to play.

If you restart the game while it is in the middle of this background downloading, it will have to restart the next time you load in, so it’s best to just let it sit open unless its been an excessive amount of time (several minutes.)

We appreciate everyone’s patience while we undergo this important update. Again, this will only happen that first session after downloading as long as the game has time to finish that download in the background.

Bug Fixes

  • Buildings were missing their description that properly explained their purpose.
  • Players on Android devices were experiencing loading problems during KvK Invasion.
  • Enabling Screen reader during the tutorial would cause the game to freeze.
  • The Heroes summoning button rarely didn’t activate when tapped on iOS devices.
  • If you simultaneously tapped the resource bar while summoning a hero the rewards would not visually display.
  • Having Screen reader enabled while accessing the Rate Game tab would cause the user to be locked into that panel.
  • Within the Allegiance Menu, the Liege Finder UI would be dimmed after tapping on another players avatar.
  • The Collection panel was linked to the Summon panel in the game’s data, making it difficult to separate offers.
  • In the Smithy, empty drop downs were appearing in the equipment and materials panels.
  • Old Monster UI was appearing below the most recently added UI.
  • Enabling Screen reader in the First User Experience within the City caused the game to freeze.
  • The Exit buttons were missing in the summons and small council panels.
  • The Add xp, Hero details, and upgrade panels in the Hero’s Panels did not use commas.
  • The text on the Get button in the Heros Details Panels does not fit when the language is set to German or French.
  • Skill numbers were highlighted when heroes were not on a march or small council.
  • Text on the Sort Button in the Heroes Collection panel were not translating properly.
  • When you sent out a Rally there would be no progress bar that shows how close a march is from home for the account that owns that march.
  • When a player recalls their reinforcements there is no returning bar. 
  • Game of Thrones Conquests Cache would remember pawn unlocks if you switched between accounts.
  • When the Maester’s tower is deselected, free research time would appear briefly.
  • When you obtain a boost of any plot type, and tried to apply it with no building for the boost, a misleading message would display.

We hope you enjoy these fixes and look forward to hearing your feedback!

For additional language support, click on the link below.