Chaos is a Ladder – Are You Ready For The Climb?

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Today we’re announcing a new hybrid PvP and Strategic Terrain event: The Climb.

  • The first run will be January 23rd, 2021
  • Earn points for combat at ST and SOPs, as well as for ST gathering, clearing and recipes
  • There are no points awarded for combat at keeps, so your city’s defenders can feel a little more at ease
  •  We will also be testing out some tweaks for Strategic Terrain nodes to see what is the most fun

Read on to learn more!


Our intent with this event is to give a more laid back, fun PvP weekend that allows players at a range of levels something to do, but which does not incentivize combat at personal keeps. 

Strategic Terrain gathering and combat is the real star of the show, but since this will be running on weekends and we anticipate some amount of SOP combat will happen regardless. We will be giving credit for that as well, but you could complete this with ST alone.

Strategic Tweaks

In addition to increasing the number of points you get for ST Gathering, Clearing and Recipes, we are trying out a few different variants of the Strategic Terrain nodes themselves to see what is the most fun with this format.

Specifically, we are experimenting with different amounts of salvage per node. Less salvage means shorter gathering times, allowing you to clear a node completely more frequently, or more opportunities to steal a clear away from someone else if that’s more your speed.

There will be 3 variants of this event for our first run on January 23rd. Each kingdom will get a single variant:

  • Variant A will have the standard 16,000 salvage in each node
    • The following kingdoms will be participating in this variant. 612,613,618,627,628,630,634,636,637,640,641,642,644,650,651,653,

  • Variant B will be halved, so 8,000 salvage in each node.
    • This also means that these nodes will reward half of the clear rewards that Variant A awards, with the caveat that you can farm them twice as fast.
    • The following kingdoms will be participating in this variant.

  • Variant C will have a quarter of A, with 4,000 salvage in each node.
    • This also means that these nodes will reward 25% of the clear rewards that Variant A awards, and clear in a quarter of the time.
    • The following kingdoms will be participating in this variant.

We have made sure that no kingdom is getting an unfair advantage with these variants – clear rewards and points will all scale to match the amount of Battlefield Salvage per node.

We are really looking to see if there is a playstyle preference that can be improved with these changes- do you enjoy frequently clearing nodes, or do you prefer to set it and forget it

Let us know what you think!

Given that our goal is to make something fun and a little bit more laid back than typical PvP, we will be relying heavily on feedback to help decide how future runs of this event will look.

We will be sending out some surveys after the event to gauge how you liked the variants, as well as opening up a dedicated feedback channel on our Discord. 

That channel is already open, so if you already have thoughts, we would love to hear them! Join us at !

“Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, but they refuse. They cling to the realm, or the gods, or love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.”

– Lord Baelish