Night’s Watch Mutiny Event Updates – January 2021

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The mutineers amongst the ranks of the Night’s Watch have shifted tactics! In this post, we will outline the changes to the Schedule, Strategic Terrain, Additional Boosts and more you can expect from this weekend’s events.

Read on to learn more!

Night’s Watch Mutiny (NWM) Events

  • Sword in the Darkness – Earn points for training troops!
  • Battle in the Gift – Earn points for PvP,  gathering at Strategic Terrain, and sending Strategic Maneuver gifts! Be on the lookout for event recipes that use Battlefield Salvage and Strategic Advantage to help you on the battlefield.
  • War for the Wall – Earn points for sending Strategic Maneuver gifts, or by collecting Shipments from your Great Hall while holding an Event-Limited Seat of Power (SOP) or an associated title (Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, the Shadow Tower, the Nightfort, or Castle Black.)
  • Hour of the Wolf (Rounds I and II) – Keep an eye on these events to know when seats will lock/unlock, as well as unlock useful event boosts to help your team!

Scheduling Changes

First, we wanted to address some frustration we’ve heard from players who felt they couldn’t engage in the Battle in the Gift or hold the event limited SOP along the wall due to responsibilities at their non-event SOPs. We’ve also heard from some that the event was too long to maintain for the full duration.

We’ve taken your feedback to heart and have decided to try: 

  • Reducing the duration of Night’s Watch Mutiny PvP down to 12 hours
  • Locking all non-event SOP during the window of the Night’s Watch Mutiny events (from 2 PM Saturday to 2 AM Sunday)
  • Introducing an additional 10 hour break from 2 AM – 12PM Sunday where all SOP will remain closed to give everyone a chance to rest 
  • All SOPs will resume their normal cycle of unlocks at noon on Sunday so players can compete for these without conflicting events (and benefit from rewards from the earlier NWM events!)

(all times ET)

The Hour(s) of the Wolf

To accommodate the shorter duration, we have also reduced it down to 2 rounds (The Hour of the Wolf) where event limited Seats of Power lock and unlock:

  • Shadow Tower and Eastwatch unlock at round start
  • The Nightfort unlocks 30m after round start
  • Castle Black unlocks 1h after round start
  • All castles lock 2h after round start, seat-holders have another 1h to claim Event Shipments from their city’s Great Hall safely
  • All seat-holders are evicted at the end of each round

Each round has different event boosts to take advantage of, so adjust strategies accordingly!

Round I: Dragon March Speed vs Player, Dragon Cavalry/Infantry/Ranged Attack vs Player Dragon March Size vs Player

Round II: 100% bonus to Heal Cost Reduction, Marching Speed to Join PVP Rally, Dragon Marching Speed vs Player

Strategic Changes

  • Strategic Terrain nodes associated with this event now contain 8,000 salvage each, meaning they can be gathered in half the time of the old nodes.
  • Clear bonuses, however, have not been halved, meaning players can get twice the Strategic Maneuvers in the same amount of time!
  • Points per Salvage gathered and per Recipe crafted have been increased and progressive goals adjusted.

Night’s Watch Mutiny is intended to be an allegiance-focused series of events that lets you choose how you want to play- Battle it out in PvP or supply the front line through Strategic Terrain.

In the very first incarnation of this event, folks who did not feel they could compete with the combat at The Wall might not have felt they could contribute to their allegiance’s success. That was why we introduced Strategic Maneuver gifts and Strategic Advantage buffs last year– but we think we can emphasize this loop even more and stress the importance of your teammates who support the front line.

Now that nodes complete in half the time, players can acquire roughly twice the Strategic Maneuvers as before, making it easier than ever to help your teammates craft the powerful PvP boost Recipes available during this event, and earn more points for it too.

Make sure you are gifting those Strategic Maneuvers and crafting the Strategic Advantages to earn more points and get a leg up on your opponents!

Allegiance-wide Boosts

The final piece to this puzzle was to ensure that success in the event has a meaningful effect on Seat of Power struggles later in the weekend so players are rewarded for their efforts in Night’s Watch Mutiny.

The following Instant Boosts have been added to the top 3 spots of the Allegiance Leaderboard for the War for the Wall event. 

  • 1st Place – 40% Troop Attack at SoP, Troop Defense at SoP, Troop Health at SoP
  • 2nd Place – 20% Troop Attack at SoP, Troop Defense at SoP, Troop Health at SoP
  • 3rd Place – 10% Troop Attack at SoP, Troop Defense at SoP, Troop Health at SoP

These are allegiance-wide, so ALL members of these allegiances receive these boosts.

What Remains Unchanged

All other Night’s Watch Mutiny staples that were not mentioned here will remain the same. This includes:

  • Event Shipments: While you or any member of your allegiance holds one of the 4 Night’s Watch SOP, you can claim event shipment from your Great Hall in the city every 15 minutes, earning points in the War for the Wall event!
  • Strategic Recipes and Gifts – The Battlefield Salvage you gather from Strategic Terrain during this event can be used to help your allies fighting at The Wall to help them in PvP!
    • Strategic Maneuvers are personal gifts that can be crafted via Recipes using Battlefield Salvage. 
    • When a teammate sends you a Strategic Maneuver, inside will be Strategic Advantage, which can be used to craft powerful boosts via recipes.
  • Allegiance Leader Rewards – The leaders of the Top 3 performing Allegiances in War for the Wall will receive special Allegiance Leader Gifts, which they can choose to send to Allegiance members who really pulled their weight in this event!
  • You can read more about the previous incarnation of this event in our 2020 event guide.

We hope these adjustments will be rewarding and help improve the impact of your entire allegiance in this event. 

Let us know what you think of the changes over in the #Nights-Watch-Mutiny channel on Discord, and good luck in this weekend’s events!