February Preview – Tourney at Harrenhal

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In February, the Tourney of Harrenhal arrives in Game of Thrones: Conquest! Look for special elite enemies on the map with rotating specialties. Check back each week and rally your Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged troops to combat these foes on the map.

The day is warm, though winter has not yet ended. In honor of Lord Whent’s daughter’s nameday the dark fortress of Harrenhal is adorned with banners; cheers and battle-clangor fill the air. Challengers from far and wide have come to test their mettle. Even Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, who seldom rides in tournaments, is preparing to enter the lists.

Tournament Part I: Feb 2 – Feb 9

  • Elite Archery Knight
  • +20% Ranged Attack, Ranged Defense, Ranged Health 

Tournament Part II: Feb 9 – Feb 15

  • Elite Joust Knight
  • +20% Cavalry Attack, Cavalry Defense, Cavalry Health

Tournament Part III: Feb 15 – Feb 21

  • Elite Melee Knight
  • +20% Infantry Attack, Infantry Defense, Infantry Health

Looking forward to your feedback on this event

Tourney Queen Gear Set

Did you guess our February theme in our recent preview? With Dragon Combat and Offense at Seats of Power being its focus, you’ll see a boost to Dragon Defense, Dragon Attack, and Attacks against Seats of Power. Let us know what you think!

War is in the Air … 

A special mid month event arrives on Feb 12 with a familiar event series. Develop your armies and set out to capture Strategic Terrain. Along the way, earn special Champion’s Garlands to reward your favorite allies. The last event, Queen of Love & Beauty, you’ll have to be the most popular in all the seven kingdoms to rise to the top of the leaderboard! 


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