Release Notes 2021_02

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Update 2021_02 will be rolling out over the next couple weeks! Read on to learn more about upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.

New and Upcoming

  • This update introduces new 3D animated art models for several SOPs and nodes on the combat map! Our artists tackle these in between projects, so it does not take away from development or bug fixing time. We think they look pretty great and hope you enjoy the new style which is more inline with other models around the game!
  • The ‘Return to SoP’ button no longer overlaps the ‘Teleport’ button
  • The Recipes tab in the player inventory has been renamed ‘Item Exchange’! ‘Item Exchange’ now holds the categories of recipes you can click on to see specific recipes. You can move from category to category using the arrows at the bottom of the screen.
  • We wanted to give folks a heads up that in the near future we will no longer support iOS 12 operating systems and below. We will have additional information in our next update, but we recommend upgrading to the latest OS for best performance.

Bug Fixes

  • During KvK War for the Throne, players couldn’t perform a Takeover Rally against opposing kingdoms Seats of Power.
  • The node finder didn’t show the proper button icon when searching for nodes during The Climb event.
  • Players could receiving contradicting messages within the Allegiance Gift Panel.
  • Collecting resources from from a rural plot before the popup panel appears would cause the camera to freeze.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Exiled player profiles to display an incorrect kingdom number instead of the intended Exiled tag.
  • After reaching level 10 and going to enhance the Storehouse, a pop up would come up asking a player to spend 0 Gold instead of Free.
  • Enhancing from Level 0 with gold did not trigger a confirmation popup.
  • Trinket Recipes now sort by Lord level, similar to Gear.
  • Players could open the Accelerate Healing panel when the timer hit zero and try to speed up the finished timer. This would cause ‘Bad Request’ overlays to appear.
  • The English ‘Get More’ button in the add XP panel was translating to German.
  • In the games French localization the save button on the March Preset Panel has a line break before the last letter.
  • Fixed a rare scenario where certain content would not initialize when loading into the game, leading to a crash.
  • The Repatriation Allegiance tutorial layered over the Welcome Back popup panel.
  • Sometimes after Repatriation, the tutorial could display a black background rather than an image of Daenerys.
  • During the Repatriation tutorial, the pointing hand icon could fail to load in when directing players to the Message Center.
  • The info button that allowed players to view individual points contributed by each Allegiance member, was absent from the Allegiance Leaderboards.
  • When a player was short on Gold, cancelling the offer to unlock the second or third Maester could of prevented the player from unlocking them again until restarting the game

We hope you enjoy these fixes and look forward to hearing your feedback!