Strategic Terrain Adjustments V2!

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Hey Everyone!

Last month we ran some event variants for Strategic Terrain and surveyed the community to see what you thought.

Out of this feedback, the winning balance was reducing the size of nodes by half (8k total Battlefield Salvage) which also halved the time it takes to fully clear a node. Since this was a hit, we will be expanding these changes to other ST terrain events, such as Children of the Forest!

Our next tweak addresses how we distribute Battlefield Salvage in combat.

We saw many players who were interested in the gameplay of “sniping,” or stealing node clears. However, the current breakdown returns quite a bit of Salvage to the node after combat which can add back a significant amount of time to gather again. 

Of course, to have a node to fight over the end of, they need to be gathered from. Defending has always had a sizeable amount of risk involved, so we wanted to make a change that rewarded defenders for gathering more, even if they are knocked out of the node.

The new distribution reduces the attacker’s incentive to immediately abandon the node to bank their salvage and reduces the time it will take to get to that final clear reward after combat. 

When combat occurs at a Strategic Terrain Node and the Attacker wins, the Salvage gathered by the Defender will be distributed as follows:

  • Defender Keeps 80% (was 40%)
  • Attacker Steals 5% (was 25%)
  • Returned to Node 5% (was 25%)
  • Destroyed 10% (unchanged)

These changes will be live for our next Children of the Forest event on March 3rd.

Let us know what you think of the new salvage break down over in the #events channel on Discord once you have a chance to play around with it!