Release Notes 2021_03

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Update 2021_03 will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks! Read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.

New and Upcoming

  • Resource requirements now display on the “Get More” page of the building upgrade panel [to make opening the correct amount of resources easier!]
  • Have you ever accidentally smelted down a piece of gear you /really/ wanted to keep? We’ve added a new icon to indicate when an item you’re about to sacrifice is saved to a March Preset to help you keep track. Look for the shield icon in the upper left of the icon on these pieces.
  • This update also includes backend work to support upcoming improvements to Heroes filtering and Small Council presets. Stay tuned for when these release in the future!

Bug Fixes

  • The Join Allegiance pop up within the Liege Finder could appear grayed out and untapabble.
  • Tapping the refresh list button in the Liege Finder did not produce a sound.
  • The arrow buttons on the “Join an Allegiance” popup did not produce a sound when tapped on.
  • While chatting with players the Allegiance Chat, the red notification badge would disappear before being viewed.
  • While chatting with players within a player’s Bannerman Chat, the red badge notifications wouldn’t go away upon viewing.
  • When a player would send a message through Allegiance Chat, the red badge notifications would briefly appear.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Seats of Power in Night Watch Mutiny and War for the Throne to not properly update unlock timers until 10 minutes before the event is active.
  • During the Hero Summoning tutorial, the “How it Works” popup displayed unlocalized text instead of the intended language.
  • Gear slots did not produce a tapping sound when tapped on in a player’s profile.
  • Selecting an Equipment Preset in the player’s profile did not produce a sound when tapped on.
  • Selecting the Seat of Power information button did not produce a sound when tapped on.
  • Tapping on buildings inside a player’s keep did not produce a sound when tapped on.
  • Tapping a Seat of Power’s title did not produce a sound when tapped on.
  • Tapping buttons in the Allegiance menu did not produce a sound when tapped on.
  • Tapping on any Seat of Power in the Kingdom Map would not produce a sound.
  • The Heroes “Add XP” button in the Tower of Hand, Collection was blocked by “This hero is marching” text despite the hero having returned from their march.
  • While in the Add XP screen in the Tower of the Hand, an event banner would sometimes overlap the “Advancement” text.
  • While browsing the collection panel in the Tower of Hand, the Small Council panel would sometimes clip through.
  • While selecting rallies, players were unable to scroll to the bottom of the rally list.
  • In the Russian localization, Barristan Selmy’s title is cut off in the small council and march panel.
  • In the French and Portuguese localizations, the ‘Select Hero’ button is cut off.
  • In the German and Spanish localization, the ‘ Rarity’ text wraps down on the collection, small council, and march panels.
  • In the Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian localizations, the ” No Available Skills” text would wrap down.
  • Within in the Heroes tutorial, the “How it Works” popup animations were not localized.
  • Switching between the combat map and the city scene while using the Auto Speedup tool would cause it to toggle off.
  • Using the Troop Cost Reduction buff would potentially cause display issues within the Barracks.
  • When launching the game, the loading indicator gear could overlap with the “Update Required” panel.
  • While in the Message Center, using the return option in private messages would cause the text to bleed out of the text box.
  • Tapping the back arrow on the bannermen tab would show the same profile over and over again.

With this update, we will no longer support the Huawei p20 lite. If possible, please upgrade to continue playing Game of Thrones : Conquest.