The Red Temple

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“. . .red R’hllor has more worshippers in this city than all the other gods together.”

—the Widow of the Waterfront, to Ser Jorah Mormont

R’hllor goes by many names- The Red God, Heart of Fire, Lord of Light.

From the flames he grants you a vision of the future- a powerful new building which can tip the scales of life and death in your favor if only you have enough faith in the Light…

The Red Temple is coming.

Read on to learn more about the newest building coming to Game of Thrones: Conquest, how to curry favor with the God of Light, and bring your once-doomed troops back from the brink of death itself!

The Basics

Followers of R’hllor will gather at the edge of your city, seeking to build a place of worship. Keeps level 6 and above will soon be able to construct the Red Temple in the plot south of the Dragon pit.

Tapping the ‘i’ button within your Red Temple can teach you more about how this building works, including Doomed Troops, Light generation, and more.


Doomed Troops

With the addition of the Red Temple, if you sustain losses in combat but your Medic Tents are full, then a percentage of those troops will become Doomed rather than dying outright. As long as the capacity exists, the Red Temple will save your two highest-tier troops.

You can increase the number of Doomed troops your Red Temple can hold (Doomed Capacity) by building and upgrading the Medic Tent plots within the city.

Doomed troops can be resurrected by consuming a new currency- Light.



Light is the currency that is used to heal Doomed troops. It will generate over time, similar to how Food and Wood generate from your Farms and Sawmills plots. 

A red heart bubble will appear above the Red Temple when you have Light ready to collect. Tap this bubble, or select the new Red Temple option from your right side menu to collect your Light.

If you don’t have enough Light, you cannot heal your Doomed troops. Light can be collected over time, and sometimes it may be available in the Offers Store as a boxed resource.  

Doomed Troops will sit in the Red Temple until you collect enough Light to heal them.

Blessings of R’hllor

This new building was designed to make coming back from big hits in combat more forgiving, and make your existing Medic Tents even more impactful.

To make the most of this new favor with the Lord of Light, be sure to:

  • Collect your Light often so you have a safety net to lean on in the event of a major hit. 
  • Upgrade your Medic Tents as much as you can to increase the capacity of your Red Temple.

This feature will be rolling out to select kingdoms starting April 20th 2021

702, 704, 705, 754, 755, 676, 693, 719, 728, 741

If you don’t see your kingdom listed, don’t fret! This feature will be coming to all kingdoms in the coming weeks. 

Let us know what you think!

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