April Heroes Preview – The Mountain and Loras Tyrell

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Later this month in April, two new heroes will be available to be unlocked at the Tower of the Hand! Seeing as The Hound was released earlier this year, who would be a formidable contender? — His brother, The Mountain, of course!

Continuing this theme, we’ll also be introducing The Mountain’s opponent at the Tourney of the Hand, Loras Tyrell!

Let’s take a closer look into their skills and focuses:

Gregor Clegane – The Mountain

The Mountain emphasizes on Infantry skills that are stacked heavily on his marches. His signature skill grants additional Infantry Attack vs. Player’s Cavalry while on marches, making him a great choice for Infantry players who love to go on the offense. While seated at the council as the Master of War, he’ll provide bonuses towards Infantry Defense vs. Player’s Infantry, fitting his overall Infantry theme.

Loras Tyrell – Knight of Flowers

Next up is Loras Tyrell, who occupies the Lord Commander seat. For players who love Ranged, he is going to be the first hero to be released that will have Ranged Attack. This skill will feed in nicely to other Ranged buffs that you may have active!

He is also multifaceted and includes focuses for Defense and Resource Gathering. While on marches, you’ll see an increase to Marching Speed while reinforcing Seats of Power and an increase to Ranged Attack vs. Player’s Infantry. When seated at the council, you’ll benefit from a couple of skills that will bolster your defenses and Iron gathering.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick preview into the upcoming heroes for April and we cannot wait for you all to get your hands on them! If you like this preview or have opinions on how it could be improved, visit us on Discord and post your feedback in the #heroes channel.