Release Notes 2021_04

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Update 2021_04 will be rolling out over the next couple weeks! Read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.

New and Upcoming

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Bug Fixes

  • The gathering panel was not properly displaying the correct number of resources that would be consumed when your sent a march to gathered nodes.
  • While attacking a node on the combat map, your pawn could freeze after reaching the destination.
  • In certain circumstances the Troop Details panel could shift to the right and be unreadable.
  • Using the Hero Shop with 1 mythic relic would freeze the game.
  • Attempting to buy everything in the Hero Shop could cause an out of date ‘Alert ‘ panel to pop up.
  • While upgrading Heroes in the Tower of the Hand, the text didn’t properly update when the player received and/or lost a Relic.
  • Selecting the ‘INFO’ button on the Active Rallies panel did not produce a sound when tapped on.
  • While viewing the Rally Details Panel, a white box asset could be seen behind the Hero Level indicator.
  • Newly unlocked March Pawn variants didn’t display in the ‘Troop Details’ panel.
  • Tapping on the Limited Time Offer in the Boost Center Panel did not produce a sound when tapped on.
  • Button in the Setting menu did not produce a sound when tapped on.
  • Player using the Heroes Details Panel would be redirected to the Small Council tab instead of the previous tab.
  • The ‘USE’ button in the Tower of the Hand was unlocalized.
  • Daily Quests were not listed as a source of Standard Summon Seals in the Get More panel within the Summons menu.
  • The Tower of the Hand could be become littered with white blocks if it didn’t load in properly.
  • The “Remove Title” button on the players profile appeared as blue instead of red.
  • The Filters panel didn’t display properly after a user tapped the filter button in the Choose Heroes panel.
  • The Claim Reward panel would not display what troops were earned through the Leaderboards.
  • The Equipment panel in the Smithy kept jumping up to the top of the list after leaving the Upgrade Equipment panel.
  • The City camera wasn’t properly centering buildings in the keep.
  • Heroes sent out on marches would be unavailable to upgrade after returning from a march until they left the City scene.
  • In the March Panel, the ” ! This hero will lead in preset hero’s absence.” text wrapped down in the German, French, Turkish, Russian and Japanese localizations
  • In the Russian localization, Barristan Selmy’s title was cut off in the small council and march panels.
  • In the French and Portuguese localization, the “Select Hero” translations is cut off by the filters buttons.
  • In the German localization, the “Rarity” text wraps down on the collection, Small Council and march presets.
  • In the Spanish localization, the “Default” text wraps down on the collection, small council, and march panels.
  • The “No Available Skills” text in the Small Council tutorial would wrap down in other localizations.
  •  Trying to save a different Hero in a March preset, the “Save Button” would be untappable.
  • While using the Allegiance Chat, a notification would briefly appear when the player would send a message.

We hope you enjoy these fixes and look forward to hearing your feedback!