Red Temple FAQ

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Since announcing the Red Temple, we’ve heard some great feedback from our community members! Thus we will be answering some of your frequently asked questions today!

Have any questions or comments that aren’t addressed here? Head on over to #red-temple channel on Discord and let us know!

What happens if I hit my light capacity?
  • Light is a capped resource, and you cannot exceed the storage limit of the Red Temple. If the maximum capacity is reached, then you will not be able to collect Light until it is below max capacity. Light acquired from boxes are the only exceptions to this rule, as it does allow light to be over max capacity once the box is opened. But you cannot collect more Light if an open box goes over the max capacity.
What if you don’t have enough Light to heal your Doomed troops?
  • Your troops will not disappear if they aren’t healed right away. You can continue to collect your Light resource over time until you are able to heal all of your Doomed troops. 
You’re missing some troops that should’ve appeared at the Red Temple, why?
  • The Red Temple, like your Medic Tents, has a limited capacity for troops. You can upgrade your Red Temples capacity by leveling up your Medic Tents.
Why did your troops go to the Medic Tent instead of going to the Red Temple?
  • The Red Temple will not accept troops until your Medic Tents are completely full. Your Medics will help the troops down at the Medic Tents before the Red Priests start accepting the overflow of doomed soldiers at the Red Temple.
Are higher tier troops I gain from events & offers eligible for the Red Temple?
  • Yes, if those troops are hurt you should expect to see them appear in your Red Temple along with your top 2 tier troops.
Where do you see how Troop Capacity is determined?
  • There is a tab within the Medic Tent that will give you specifics on how much Troop Capacity your Red Temple has based on Medic tent level.
When will Red Temple be released for all kingdoms?
  • We hope to release Red Temple to all kingdoms by May 19th 2021!

As always, we want to hear your thoughts! Let us know over in the #red-temple channel on Discord.