May Preview – Cersei, Queen of Lions

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In May, Game of Thrones: Conquest begins a new event series based on Cersei Lannister, the Queen of Lions!

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.”

By participating in events in this series, you’ll obtain Royal Velvet materials to craft the Queen of Lions gear set and Arbor Red Casket materials to craft the Arbor Red trinket. Additionally, be on the lookout for Sparrow Armaments trophies which can be traded for prizes in the Recipes tab of your Inventory while the Mother’s Mercy or First of Her Name events are active. Remember to use all your Sparrow Armaments trophies before the First of Her Name event ends!

Event Arc Adjustments

This month marks the beginning of a new approach to how we handle monthly event arc rewards planning. We don’t anticipate this having a large impact on players, however you may notice fewer instant boosts in rewards going forward. The overall rewards budget has not decreased and other types of rewards will be increased to balance it out.

We also want to reiterate that you can potentially earn monthly gear and trinket crafting materials as well as trophies before their recipes are available. This will give you a chance to collect your materials at the very start of the event series and begin crafting as soon as the crafting events are active. Keep an eye on the description of the arc event that runs throughout the month to learn what the newest monthly items are and what they will eventually be used for.

Do you have any feedback on these changes? Please share your thoughts with us in the #events channel in our Discord!

Festival of the Mother

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’ll be introducing the first of our new festival events, Festival of the Mother, on May 7th! This is a week-long event where you’ll be able to complete Daily Quests for ingredients which you can then trade-in for various recipes. Be sure to come back every day to complete your Dailies so that you can contribute points towards your Allegiance’s progressive quest for even more rewards!

Let us know if you have any feedback on this event series. You can post your comments in the #events channel in our Discord!

Gear Season 6 Begins! Lion Queen Gear Set

May marks the beginning of an all new season of gear! For Season 6, be on the lookout for even more valuable stats. Fitting this month’s theme, you’ll be able to craft the Lion Queen gear set which focuses on Ranged Offense! This set includes boosts to Ranged Health, Attack, Defense, and a bonus against Infantry.

Are you a Ranged player looking to craft the full set or using some of its bonuses for a mixed set? Let us know your thoughts in the #smithy channel in our Discord!

Weekend Warriors

Throughout the month, we’ll have some exciting PvP events for you and we would love to see how your battles are going. Using the #GOTCWeekendWarriors hashtag, tweet at us on Twitter @GOTConquest with any screenshots or videos you have of your Troops duking it out so we can call out our favorite moments!

PvP Preview

To help you prepare, here are the following PvP events happening in the month of May!

Night’s Watch Mutiny: May 14th-16th

In this event, you can choose how you want to play! You can participate in a King of the Hill style battle at The Wall, or gather from strategic terrain and send Strategic Maneuver gifts to bolster the front line with Strategic Advantage. Pay close attention to the Hour of the Wolf unlock times and buffs to aid in your battles. Read our most recent guide to help prepare for this event when it arrives mid-month!

The Climb: May 22nd-23rd

The Climb is perfect for players who love to compete in Strategic Terrain events! In this event, points are earned by attacking Strategic Terrain and Seats of Power. Keep in mind that points are not earned by attacking players at Keeps. Please share with us your feedback on the event and how your battles have went!

Kingdom vs Kingdom – War for the Throne: May 28th-30th

The last PvP event of the month is KvK – War for the Throne! This is a unique game mode where you can join your allegiance and secure Seats of Power at home or across the Narrow Sea to earn points and exclusive KvK Pawn Shards. Read our guide to help prepare for this event!


We have new wallpapers available to help you show off your Game of Thrones: Conquest fandom on mobile devices and desktop. Check them out below!



Dragon Showcase

We’d like to take some time to highlight a couple of our favorite Dragon Showcases submissions we received in April. If you’re interested in getting your Dragon featured in May, tweet us your submissions on Twitter @GOTConquest using the #GOTCDragon hashtag!

First up, let’s check out Zunicørn’s Dragon, Herbert! Representing the A$YLM allegiance of Kingdom 736, Herbert’s smile can be seen throughout the skies of Westeros.

Next, we have Lady Welds’ Dragon, Wraith! Hailing from Kingdom 679, he is “puffed up and proud as any storm cloud and as vicious as a wraith”.

House Heraldry

Introducing a new segment called House Heraldry, we’d like to give you a chance to show off your House banners and share its history, heritage, or significance in 2-3 sentences. Let us hear your stories!

Interested in being the first one featured? Tweet us your submissions on Twitter @GOTConquest using the #GOTCHeraldry hashtag.

We Value Your Feedback

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look into the month of May. If you like this preview or have opinions on how it could be improved, visit us on Discord and post your feedback!