Night’s Watch Mutiny & Profit From Chaos Weekend – May 2021

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Driven mad with cold and hunger, a faction of the Night’s Watch has overthrown the Lord Commander and claimed Castle Black as their personal holdfast. For the sake of the realm, you must restore sanity!

We saw some great responses to the last round of changes to the Night’s Watch Mutiny event in March!

This month we’d like to contrast the event with another PvP event, Profit from Chaos, to compare how players interact with these events and get your feedback.

Read on to hear to see who will be participating in which event on May 14th – 16th!

Note: All times are EDT, and start times vary by kingdom. Check your in-game events panel for exact time.


  • Sword in the Darkness – Earn points for training troops!
  • All Eyes on the Wall – during this event, all non-event Seats of power will be locked during this period so you can safely focus on the north.
  • Battle in the Gift – Earn points for PvP,  gathering at Strategic Terrain, and sending Strategic Maneuver gifts! Be on the lookout for event recipes that use Battlefield Salvage and Strategic Advantage to help you on the battlefield.
  • War for the Wall – Earn points for sending Strategic Maneuver gifts, or by collecting Shipments from your Great Hall while holding an Event-Limited Seat of Power or an associated title (Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, the Shadow Tower, the Nightfort, or Castle Black.)
  • Hour of the Wolf (Rounds I – III) – Keep an eye on these events to know when seats will lock/unlock, as well as unlock useful event boosts to help your team!

Round Boosts

Each round in Night’s Watch Mutiny highlights a different troop type.

  • Round I: +20% Ranged Attack/Defense/Health
  • Round II: +20% Infantry Attack/Defense/Health
  • Round III: +20% Cavalry Attack/Defense/Health

Remember to check out the currently active Hour of the Wolf event to see what boosts are active and plan your march composition accordingly!

Night’s Watch Mutiny

The following Kingdoms should expect to participate in Night’s Watch Mutiny May 14th – 16th:


Night’s Watch Mutiny does not permanently change the unlock schedule of a kingdom, and you should expect all Seats of Powers to resume their typical unlock schedule after the event ends.

Profit from Chaos

The following Kingdoms not participating in Night’s Watch Mutiny will receive Profit from Chaos instead on May 14th – 16th.

702, 704, 705, 754, 755, 676, 693, 719, 728, 741, 708, 709, 726, 729, 733, 734, 735, 736, 737, 746, 747, 748, 750, 751, 752, 757, 758, 759, 760, 761, 762, 770, 771, 772, 773,774,775, 776, 777

Profit from Chaos is a PvP event that requires you to defeat other players to earn points!

Let us know what your favorite parts of these different events are over on Discord and use the upcoming days to plan accordingly with your allegiance!

We wish you good fortune in the battles to come!