Night’s Watch Mutiny – June 2021

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Driven mad with cold and hunger, a faction of the Night’s Watch has overthrown the Lord Commander and claimed Castle Black as their personal holdfast. For the sake of the realm, you must restore sanity!

Night’s Watch Mutiny is an allegiance-focused series of events that lets you choose how you want to play: Take part in a King of the Hill style battle at The Wall, or gather from strategic terrain and send Strategic Maneuver gifts to bolster the front line with Strategic Advantage!

Read on to learn more about what’s in store for the June 25th, 2021 PvP Weekend!

Note: All times are EDT, and start times vary by kingdom. Check your in-game events panel for exact time.


  • Sword in the Darkness – Earn points for training troops!
  • All Eyes on the Wall – during this event, all non-event Seats of power will be locked during this period so you can safely focus on the north.
  • Battle in the Gift – Earn points for PvP,  gathering at Strategic Terrain, and sending Strategic Maneuver gifts! Be on the lookout for event recipes that use Battlefield Salvage and Strategic Advantage to help you on the battlefield.
  • War for the Wall – Earn points for sending Strategic Maneuver gifts, or by collecting Shipments from your Great Hall while holding an Event-Limited Seat of Power or an associated title (Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, the Shadow Tower, the Nightfort, or Castle Black.)
  • Hour of the Wolf (Rounds I – III) – Keep an eye on these events to know when seats will lock/unlock, as well as unlock useful event boosts to help your team!

Hour of the Wolf Boosts

Send troops to occupy the Gift. Cut off the road to Eastwatch and set ambushes in Mole’s Town. The Wall is only fortified on the northern side; if you control the south, the mutineers can either fight from a weak position or flee into the frozen wastes.

Each round in Night’s Watch Mutiny highlights a different troop type.

Round I: Attack from a distance!

  • +20% Ranged Attack/Defense/Health

Round II: Time for an all-out attack from your foot soldiers!

  • +20% Infantry Attack/Defense/Health

Round III: Send in the Cavalry!

  • +20% Cavalry Attack/Defense/Health

Remember to check out the currently active Hour of the Wolf event to see what boosts are active and plan your march composition accordingly!

Strategic Terrain

The mutineers have one advantage: the Night’s Watch knows cold and darkness even better than the armies of Winterfell. Your troops will need training to hold fast when Northern winds freeze their fingers closed around their swords.

During Battle in the Gift, seek out Strategic Terrain nodes throughout the map. Gathered Battlefield Salvage can be used to craft Strategic Maneuver Gifts via Inventory Recipes. The bonus for completely clearing any Strategic Terrain node will also grant you Strategic Maneuvers Gifts

Sending Strategic Maneuver Gifts to allies is the third and final way to earn points in the Battle in the Gift event!

When you receive a Strategic Maneuver gifts from an ally, it will contain Strategic Advantage recipe ingredients. You can use those ingredients to craft chests containing instant boosts that will help you fight at one of the four Night’s Watch Wall Seats of Power.

These boosts all include increases to Attack, Health and Defense bonuses of varying degrees, with the highest increase boost also including +1 Rally Slots vs. the specified Seat of Power.

These boosts play a vital role in turning the tides of war in your favor and should not be ignored! Your entire Allegiance must band together to support your strongest fighters if you are to reclaim the Wall.

Night’s Watch Mutiny disrupts the ususal SoP Lock and Unlock cycle. Because of this we do not include the SoP lock event for new or recently merged kingdoms that have not had all of their regions unlocked before this event, similar to Rebellion and War for the Throne.

Night’s Watch Mutiny does not permanently change the unlock schedule of a kingdom, and you should expect all Seats of Powers to resume their typical unlock schedule after the event ends.

Use the upcoming days to plan accordingly with your allegiance.

We wish you good fortune in the battles to come!