July Preview – Freedom in Essos

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In July, take part in the Freedom in Essos, a brand new event series in Game of Thrones: Conquest!

“No one can give you your freedom. If you want it, you must take it.”

By participating in events in this series, you’ll obtain Hardened Leather materials to craft the Unleashed Warrior gear set and Chain-Breaker’s Sigil Pieces to craft the Chain-Breaker’s Sigil trinket. By defeating Sons of the Harpy and Harpy Mob Elite creatures, you’ll earn Broken Harpy Mask trophies which can be traded in for Recipes while the Battle of Yunkai or Bay of Dragons events are active.

All month long, take advantage of the 20% boost to Infantry Attack, Defense, and Health!

Honor The Old Gods

Starting on July 26th, look forward to the Honor The Old Gods event where you can earn bonus rewards all week long by praying at the Shrine! We’ll also have 24-hour runs of power-progressing events to help you catch up at the end of the month!

Let us know if you have any feedback on this event. You can post your comments in the #events channel in our Discord!

Gear Season VI: Unleashed Warrior Gear Set

Part of our sixth season of gear, we’ll be introducing the Unleashed Warrior gear set in July! This is a Core Infantry Set which will provide you bonuses to Infantry Attack, Defense, and Health from head to toe. A few key stats to lookout for are Infantry Defense vs. Player’s Cavalry, Infantry Attack/Defense/Health vs. Player’s SoP, and March Speed vs. SoP.

Be sure to check out the Unleashed Warrior gear set in-game. Afterwards, go ahead and discuss your builds in the #smithy channel in our Discord. We’d love to hear what you think!

Gear Season V and Trinket Collections Return!

Now’s your chance to catch up on your armory collection! Starting on July 14th, crafting material caravans for Season V gear will be available for you to attack! Look out for the following gear sets:

Season V

  • Dornish Royal Gear Set
  • Lost Ranger’s Gear Set
  • Crow Slayer Gear Set
  • Keep Architect Gear Set
  • War Hound Gear Set
  • Tourney Queen Gear Set
  • Fiery Zealot Gear Set

Three Trinket Collections will also be returning on July 21st! Look forward to claiming the following:

  • House Arryn
    • Falcon Shield
    • Wildling Bone Needle
    • Rampant Emblem
  • House Mormont
    • Vintner’s Goblet
    • Winter Rose Necklace
    • Stalwart Claw
  • House Targaryen 
    • Livestock Cleaver
    • Amber Strongwine
    • The Dance of Dragons

PvP Preview

To help you coordinate with your allegiance and prepare for the upcoming PvP events in July, here’s what’s to come this month!

Kingdom vs. Kingdom – War for the Throne: July 9th-11th

The first PvP weekend for July will be KvK – War for the Throne! This is a unique game mode where you can join your allegiance and secure Seats of Power at home or across the Narrow Sea to earn points and exclusive KvK Pawn Shards. Read our guide to help prepare for this event!

The Climb: July 17th-18th

The Climb is perfect for players who love to compete in Strategic Terrain events! In this event, points are earned by attacking Strategic Terrain and Seats of Power. Keep in mind that points are not earned by attacking players at Keeps. Please share with us your feedback on the event and how your battles have went!

Lord of Light: July 23rd-25th

To end the month, we’ll be featuring a run of Lord of Light! In this event, any troop that would have been killed in battle will be wounded instead. Additional boosts to Medic Tent capacity and reduced healing costs will help you return to the battlefield!


Represent Game of Thrones: Conquest with these Freedom in Essos themed wallpapers! Available for desktop and mobile devices.



Dragon Showcase

Let’s take a look back at the Dragon Showcases we highlighted in June! First, we have Musashi’s Dragon, Spooky! The gaze in his eyes will leave any warrior frightened…

Up next is VĀLĘ’s Dragon, Declan! His looks can be deceiving as he is much friendlier than he appears.

If you’re interested in getting your Dragon featured in July, tweet us your submissions on Twitter @GOTConquest using the #GOTCDragon hashtag!

House Heraldry

We’ve recently introduced a new segment called House Heraldry where we feature your House banners and give you the chance to share its lore. Last month, we shared Asteria Wyne’s banner. Check it out above!

Interested in having your banner featured in July? Tweet us your submissions along with a 2-3 sentence description of your banner to our Twitter page @GOTConquest using the #GOTCHeraldry hashtag.

We Value Your Feedback

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look into the month of July. If you like this preview or have opinions on how it could be improved, visit us on Discord and post your feedback!