Release Notes 2021_07

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Update 2021_07 will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks! Read on to learn more about upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.

New and Upcoming

  • Coming Soon: The Preset Manager! Easily create and equip Equipment, Council and March Presets from one easy management menu. You can also use the new Sigils released last month to create a unique icon to differentiate each loadout! This will be released to select kingdoms in the coming weeks so stay tuned.


  • It was possible to exceed max reinforcement limits at SoPs under certain circumstances.
  • Marches can be sent to reinforce a SoP at max capacity when the march size displays 0/0
  • In the Banner Maker, the Sword Sigil didn’t properly fit on the flag.
  • While on the March Hero selection screen, the ‘Empty Seat’ button was non-functional.
  • Occasionally while looking at the City Progress side panel, the notification dot would not reflect the total number of idle maesters.
  • During the Heroes tutorial, double tapping while summoning Jon Snow could cause the game to become unresponsive.
  • While in the city scene, rural plots could clip over each other in certain areas.
  • Occasionally, the ‘ Ready to Collect’ notification dot remained after collecting Light at the Red Temple.
  • Occasionally building a Smithy for the first time would cause the crafting recipes to not load in properly.
  • While on the combat map, the rain audio could loop continuously.
  • Viewing troop stats could remove the ‘Finish Now’ button from the training panel.
  • The ‘Invade’ button for KvK: War for the Throne never appeared to be pressed even after tapping it.
  • Tapping in the Enhancement tab wouldn’t produce a sound effect.
  • Tapping on a resource node on the Combat Map wouldn’t produce a sound effect.
  • Occasionally the attack animation on the Iron Throne pawn wouldn’t target the node properly.
  • Occasionally while gathering at a node, the march flag would disappear.
  • In the German localization, the ‘Your troop count is over max capacity!’ text would overlap.
  • In the Russian localization, the Guarantee banner would overlap.
  • In the Russian localization, the ‘Hits’ text would wrap down on the Collection tab.
  • In the Portuguese localization, the ‘Create Rally’ button would go out of bounds.
  • In the Forge Recipes panel, the materials needed for a gear piece would be missing.
  • Joining an almost full rally occasionally caused the army builder to overfill the march and give a ‘Rally Full’ error.