Exploring New Battlegrounds

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When we first started Game of Thrones: Conquest, we wanted to do the beloved IP justice and bring the world of Westeros to life with narrative events, familiar faces, and strategic gameplay that would keep our players coming back for more. 

What we could never predict years ago was just how incredible our community would be, how they would adapt certain systems, fuel powerful rivalries, and build even stronger friendships. We at WB Games Boston are continually blown away by our players’ resourcefulness, passion, and all the feedback that comes with it.

We’ve spent the last few years learning and expanding our ability to effectively gather all those different player perspectives and feeding them back into our development process. We’ve learned what a varied group of play styles, levels and interests our community has, and it can be a challenge to cater to one with our upsetting the balance for another.

That is why we want to invest in creating a versatile method that can efficiently deliver all sorts of different experiences in a fun, contained way. 

Today we are excited to introduce the next chapter in Game of Thrones: Conquest… 

Introducing Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds will be a series of all-new, instanced experiences- weaving exciting battles across new and unexplored territory, wrapped in iconic Game of Thrones lore like you’ve never seen before. 

  • Built for all: Battlegrounds will offer content to cater to all players, so everyone can contribute meaningfully to their Allegiance’s standing.
  • Competitive: GOTC at its core is all about being the best and Battlegrounds are no different. Work as a team to claim glory in your Kingdom and beyond!
  • A new way to play: This is not just another event. This is a vehicle to deliver all new combat scenarios and challenges for allies to enjoy in the game for years to come.
  • Relive Iconic Moments: Travel to and discover places never shown in the game before, in Westeros and beyond. Relive the battles that shaped the Seven Kingdoms and meet the Heroes behind them!

We’re excited to show how these tie into more specific mechanics as we lead up to our first release in the weeks to come. 

Commitment to Community

This will be a longer-term project, which will take us into 2022 as it grows. We’re letting our community in on it early so you can help shape it with your feedback. 

The road to the full release of Battlegrounds will consist of 3 unique and diverse experiences that will be released under BETA. This means we will be adjusting the Battlegrounds throughout the release cycle as we gather real data, as well as your feedback.  

The first of these releases will be in late Summer/Fall 2021

We have so much more to share as we lead up to this, so keep an eye out here for regular updates, and join us on Discord in the new #Battlegrounds channel to chat with other players and let us know what you think!

As always, we thank you for playing Game of Thrones: Conquest, and look forward to having you with us on this journey!