Coming Soon: Trinket Templates!

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Trinket Templates are coming to Game of Thrones: Conquest!

These have been much requested across our channels on Discord, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We appreciate all the feedback and are so excited to start rolling these out. 

Read on to learn which kingdoms will get their hands on them first!

Trinket Templates work the same way as Gear Templates.  Simplify the trinket crafting process by using a Template in place of the consumed trinket in a crafting recipe, eliminating the need to craft lower-level trinkets to advance!

Players can purchase Trinket Templates from the Smithy with Gold, the Store, or earn them as rewards in certain events.  

The following kingdoms will get access to Trinket Templates on July 21st, 2021, with all kingdoms receiving it in the following weeks.

701, 735, 737, 742, 746, 749, 754, 760, 782, 805

Let us know what you think!

Thank you to everyone who suggested this idea on Discord- we review player feedback every day, and your requests were the biggest factor in this feature coming into fruition!

If you have thoughts, questions or suggestions we’d love to hear from you.