Coming Soon: Preset Manager!

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The Preset Manager will be arriving soon to Game of Thrones: Conquest! This update will allow you to edit or equip any saved preset from one easy management menu. You can even create a unique icon to differentiate each preset. Use the tabs available to quickly equip Equipment, Small Council, or March Formation presets.

First, let’s take a closer look into what the Preset Manager has to offer!

Access all of your Equipment, March, and Council presets in one place!

  • Create, edit, and swap your presets on-the-fly to adapt your strategy.
  • Coordinate your presets to fit with your dynamic playstyle. PvE, Solo PvP, Rallies, and more.
  • Menu can be accessed from your profile, army builder, or Small Council menu.

Differentiate your presets with unique icons!

  • Create unique icons to represent your loadouts- Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, or anything else.
  • Set your icons without changing your march pawns.
  • New sigils are available to choose from!

No limit to your march size for March presets!

  • Build as large of a march preset as you want.
  • Your march will fill as much as it can based on your march size stats at the time of launch.
  • Prioritize march composition by your highest troop tier or by percentage.

The following kingdoms will get access to the Preset Manager on July 28th, 2021, with all kingdoms receiving it in the following weeks.

735, 736

We Value Your Feedback

We hope you enjoy using the new Preset Manager! If you have thoughts, questions or suggestions about this feature, we’d love to hear from you.