Upcoming SOP Unlocks – August War for the Throne and Rebellion Weekend

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War for the Throne and Rebellion Weekends are exciting PvP events where Seats of Power unlock outside their usual cadence!

Read on to learn more about kingdom pairings and what’s in store for the August 27th, 2021 PvP Weekend!

New this month!

During this month’s War for the Throne events, we’ll be disincentivizing combat at individual player Keeps on select kingdoms by only awarding points for combat at Seats of Power, as we do with other events like The Climb.

We know that PvP weekends can be some of the most exciting, but also most draining moments in Game of Thrones: Conquest. As War for the Throne and Rebellion events already having a strong focus on Seat of Power combat, we feel this adjustment will fit right in.

As always though, we want to hear what you think of it before making a permanent change. So if you love or hate it, either way, let us know!

The War for the Throne: Call to Arms troop training event this month will also be the first appearance of a brand new Pawn Shard Reward!

All troop training events after this weekend will give you the opportunity to earn pawn shards as rewards, and unlock new pawns themed after House Lannister.

Don’t forget you also have opportunities to earn the Conqueror pawn this weekend by being the one to hold any SOP when the Invasion event ends!

KvK War for the Throne!

Wondering what exactly is War for the Throne? Well, this Kingdom vs Kingdom (KvK) event allows you to teleport to another kingdom to battle for supremacy!

It also includes Rebellion mechanics, meaning that all Seats of Power 3 Stars and up will be unlocked at various points during the event. Keep in mind this might mean an SOP you wouldn’t normally expect to unlock on this weekend will be vulnerable during the Invasion and Retribution portions of the event.

Kingdom groupings participating in the August 27th, 2021 War for the Throne weekend:

Group A
  • Earn points in the War for the Throne: Open War PvP event through combat at SOPs only. No points will be awarded for combat at individual player keeps.
Group B
  • Same rules as always – we will not be removing the ability to gain points from combat at Keeps for these kingdoms:

Event Schedule

  • War for the Throne – The first half of the rebellion – All SOP will unlock during this event (Begins ~2pm  Sat, Ends ~10am Sun)
  • War for the Throne: Invasion – KvK Event Teleports are active during this event. KvK Pawn Shards are paid out to players holding SOPs at the end of this event. (Begins ~2pm  Sat, Ends ~10am Sun)
  • War for the Throne : Respite – During this recovery period, all Seats of Power will be locked (Begins ~10am Sun, Ends ~2pm Sun)
  • War for the Throne: Retribution – All SOPs unlock again for one final push (Begins ~2pm Sun, Ends ~6pm Sun) All SoPs will return to their normal unlock cycles after this event ends.
  • War for the Throne: Open War – The PvP event that runs throughout the weekend (Begins ~2pm Sat, ends ~6pm Sun)
  • All times listed are in EST. Start times can vary slightly by kingdom but the overall duration will remain the same.

Note: forced SOP unlock events like Rebellion and War for the Throne do not permanently change the unlock schedule of a kingdom. You should expect all Seats of Powers to resume their typical unlock schedule after the event ends.


Kingdoms that do not qualify for War for the Throne will instead have Rebellion PvP this weekend.

Rebellion mechanics signify that Seats of Power can unlock outside their normal cadence. The following Kingdoms should expect all paramount* Seats of Power to unlock for the duration of the Rebellion event:


Rebellion events do not permanently change the unlock schedule of a kingdom, so you should expect all Seats of Powers to resume their typical unlock schedule after the event ends.

*Paramount Seats of Power: Casterly Rock, Dragonstone, The Eyrie, Highgarden, Riverrun, Storm’s End, Sunspear, Winterfell, King’s Landing

Don’t see your kingdom listed above?

We wait until all regions and capitals have been released on a kingdom before we include them in SOP unlock events like Rebellion. KvK is intended for post-merged kingdoms that meet the same criteria and have a similar kingdom matchup to compete with. If your kingdom does not qualify this round, don’t worry! There will still be PvP events, and there are more chances to take part in these events in the future.

New or recently merged kingdoms under 4 weeks old will instead receive a variant of this event without additional Seat of Power unlocks, so make sure to check out your event description…

and prepare for PvP!