Release Notes 2021_08

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Update 2021_08 will be rolling out over the next couple weeks! Read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.

New and Upcoming

  • Work on Battlegrounds continues! Keep an eye out for exclusive information here on the blog!


  • Occasionally an Allegiance that owned the same SoP on multiple kingdoms would prevents other allegiance members from viewing reinforcements.
  • Hero Card reveals could display an incorrect font on text within the Hero Summons menu.
  • In the Preset Manager, if a player is assigned more troops than were available, and ‘Over Capacity’ error would occur.
  • While using the Preset Manager, selecting a filter in the ‘Choose Hero’ panel caused a black overlay screen.
  • While using the Preset Manager, setting a troop percentage to 74% would cause the 4 to disappear.
  • Occasionally when attempting to use a KvK Teleport in cross kingdom invasion events, an unknown error could occur.
  • While claiming the free gift in the Special Offers store, no descriptions of the items were present.
  • In the German Localization, the stat ‘Cavalry Health vs Player’ was cut off in the Preset Manager.
  • In the German Localization, the ‘View’ text in the Events Panel would wrap down.
  • Occasionally if a player backed out of switching their account on an Apple device, it would cause an unlocalized error popup.
  • When recovering an account through Facebook, the kingdom number would display as ‘Unavailable’.
  • Closing out of the Talent’s panel in the Dragon Pit caused the player to be directed to the Training Panel upon re-entering the Dragon Pit.