SoP Combat Adjustments ver.2

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updated 9/7/21: Initially we incorrectly stated that “We will not be removing or adding any boosts in this round, only altering the number/percentage value given.” We intended to go through with a light touch but there were a small handful of stats we felt safe replacing, such as Trap Attack with Troop Defense in the North.

As of 12pm ET, We also discovered an adjustment that was made to SoP unlock timers along with the title changes. We will be releasing a patch this afternoon that should revert these schedules back to their expected unlock/lock cadence.
We’re looking to patch Dragonstone as well, which currently is not displaying all of its title stats.

As of 3pm ET, the issues with SOP timer display have been resolved. We have also fixed an issue with how Dragonstone’s buffs are displayed so there is no longer a blank stat visible. However, there is an unintended Dragon Attack buff that is still present. We’ve adjusted this down to 0.01% and have plans to remove it from Dragonstone once the source of the issue has been identified. 

As you may recall, back in June we announced that our designers would be taking a look into improving Seat of Power (SoP) combat in the coming months

As this is a key combat system, our plan is to make small, incremental changes and take things slow. We also wanted to build in time to hear from you, and make sure we end up with something that is fun for the majority of players.

In our first round of changes, players overwhelmingly supported the removal of 2 & 2.5 bannerman requirements so we chose to move forward with that change. You can view this announcement here on the blog.

Our second focus will be: 
SoP titles and buffs

With that being said, our next round of changes concerns SoP titles. We will be inspecting and increasing a number of SoP title buffs in accordance with our current stat inflation.

Every SoP can expect to see at least some of their Owner/Regional title buffs altered with this round of changes.

This change will go into effect September 7th, 2021 for the following kingdoms and run for 2 weeks.

777, 788, 801, 802, 804, 805

This should be fairly straightforward, bringing into line some stats that have lagged behind other inflation. However, if we do see concerning data or feedback after the two weeks, we will wait on moving forward with a global release and instead see what other angles we can approach this challenge from.

What do you think?

Your feedback is very important, and the biggest factor in why are conducting these trial rounds before committing to any changes!

If you have thoughts, questions or suggestions we’d love to hear from you, Join us on Discord!