Coming Soon: Resilient Creatures and March Items

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The noble Houses of Westeros will soon face a new, more resilient foe.

In the coming weeks, we will begin running a new PvE event utilizing Resilient
on select kingdoms.

Resilient Creatures cannot be attacked without the accompanying weapon or advantage to take them down.

At a glance

● To initiate a march against a Resilient Creature, you must have the required
amount of March Items in addition to Stamina (Example- You will need Refined Dragonglass to defeat White Walkers)
● If you are defeated in an attack, you can lose Stamina, Troops and Power as
usual, but any March Items you used to attack will be refunded.

  • Look for the flag icon next to their creature level to differentiate them from non-event creatures
  • ‘Resilient’ is a creature type and can be combined with other creature types for different challenges. For example, our first creatures are also Elite, requiring a few hits to defeat fully!

Event Info

During the Breach the Wall event, the Resilient Creatures will be White Walkers. These will require Refined Dragonglass to attack.

You can claim Refined Dragonglass from Great Hall event shipments, which arrive every 3 hours during the event (up to 4 times per day.)

The realm will thank you for your trouble as well – these White Walkers will drop additional rewards upon defeat.

Let us know your thoughts!

Keep an eye out in-game to see if you are one of the first kingdoms to receive this event! All kingdoms should expect to see this in the coming weeks, and we’d like to make more creatures like this in the future so let us know what you think so far!