Feast of Cakes and Pies

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It’s not often that cakes and pies are on the forefront of one’s mind in Westeros, but today the houses are filled with their delightful fragrance. It’s time to pay tribute to your allies by sharing some sweets!

Lemon cakes are my favorite.” -Sansa Stark

New Treats

This event is a rework of the Lunar New Year event we ran earlier this year, and we plan to run events like these more regularly! We want to give more opportunities for players to give gifts to fellow allegiance members.

Because we plan to run events like this more regularly, you may see a decrease in the amount of basic recipes you can craft per event. Don’t worry! These recipes will pop up again, and you will have more opportunities to use them.

And Good Eats!

Now let’s dive into what to expect when sending Pies and Cakes to your fellow Allegiance members!

Basic Eel Pies are obtainable by using the event crafting recipes and can be created with resources. There are 6 different recipes that include Food, Wood, Stone, Iron, Brick or Scholarly Fragments. Different recipes will be available based on your keep level.

Rare Eel Pies can be crafted using Pie Ingredients. There are different recipes available depending on what you would like to send. These include Brick, Food, Wood, Stone, Iron, Advanced Teleports, Scholarly Fragments, 24-Hour Peace Shields, Pale Steel or Soldier Pine.

Lemon Cakes and Pie Ingredients are obtainable by heading to the offers store. When sending a Lemon Cake to another player, they will receive 25,000 Gold, so pick and choose wisely!

All gifts sent will award points in the Feast of Cakes and Pies recipe event! Lemon Cakes are worth the most, followed by Rare Eel Pies, and finally Basic Eel Pies.

Be sure to use up your Pie Ingredients before the feast ends!

Let us know your thoughts!

We want to hear what you think of this event! Head on over to our Official Discord Community and join in the conversation in the #events channel.

Thank you for reading and Enjoy the Feast!