September Heroes Preview – Jon Snow & Walder Frey

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Two new additions will be making their way to the Game of Thrones: Conquest hero roster in September! The Mythic hero featured this month is Jon Snow, Lord Commander. Additionally, Walder Frey, Lord of the Crossing, will be making his GoTC debut.

This month’s theme is Cavalry, so let’s take a look into how both heroes compliment each other!

Jon Snow – Lord Commander

As his title suggests, Jon Snow holds the Lord Commander seat and focuses on offensive Cavalry skills when marching alongside your troops. He specializes in various Cavalry Attack bonuses and is a great choice for PvP combat. Here’s what you can expect from his March Skills:

  • +Cavalry Attack
  • +Marcher Cavalry Attack Vs. Player
  • +Marcher Siege Attack Vs. Player
  • +Marcher Cavalry Attack Vs. Player Seats of Power

When seated at the Council, Jon Snow can provide a bit of defense when reinforcing Seats of Power. Seating him at the Small Council will activate the following:

  • +Defender Health
  • +March Size Reinforcing Seats of Power
  • +Seat of Power Reinforcement Capacity

Walder Frey – Lord of the Crossing

Walder Frey (Lord of the Crossing) is seated as the Master of Coin and the majority of his skills are activated while seated at the Council. He is able to pair well with Jon Snow to further boost your Cavalry capabilities, however he is less focused in this area and offers a taste of a few different things. Check out his Council-driven skills below!

  • +Cavalry Attack Vs. Player’s Ranged
  • +Free Build Time
  • +Cavalry Defense Vs. Player’s Infantry
  • +Dragon Troop Defense

When marching with your troops, Walder can help increase your Rallied Troop Capacity when targeting Seats of Power and increase your March Speed when heading towards other players.

  • +March Speed Vs. Players
  • +Rallied Troop Capacity Vs. Seats of Power

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick preview into the upcoming heroes for September and we’re excited for you to try them out! If you like this preview or have opinions on how it could be improved, visit us on Discord and post your feedback in the #heroes channel.