Release Notes 2021_09

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Update 2021_09 will be rolling out over the next couple weeks! Read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.

The nights grow longer and darkness falls upon the city scenery this month! 🦇 Because of this, please allow for additional loading time the first time you open the game after updating. While assets are still downloading, you may see symptoms such as:

  • buildings within the city not immediately loading in
  • the combat map not being available
  • slower loading in general

We recommend that you connect to a strong wifi connection rather than cellular data for this update and the first time you load in after updating, and if you encounter any of the symptoms above, leave the game open for a minute to let it finish downloading in the background before attempting to play.

If you restart the game while it is in the middle of this background downloading, it will have to restart the next time you load in, so it’s best to just let it sit open unless its been an excessive amount of time (several minutes.)

New and Upcoming

  • Work on Battlegrounds continues! Keep an eye out for exclusive information here on the blog!
  • We’ve also made some improvements to the Liege Finder! Lieges will now be sorted by activity, so you can find more active players to team up with. 


  • While using the Preset Manager, it was possible to save March Presets using pawns that had not been unlocked yet.
  • For events that included Troops as progressive rewards, the ‘Claim Reward’ popup would occasionally fail to display an icon for the troops.
  • Occasionally while entering the Red Temple and Medic tent, the Heal screen would display a blank space instead of text explaining the player didn’t have Doomed or Wounded troops.
  • Occasionally while entering the Heroes: XP panel, the screen would display a blank space instead of text explaining that the player didn’t have Hero XP.
  • While viewing the Freedom Unsullied Gearset, occasionally the gear banner text in the Manage Equipment panel would wrapdown.
  • While using the ‘Confirm March’ panel, the text for Dragonglass would wrapdown.
  • While unlocking a Hero, the Hero skill level would show as level 0 instead of level 1.
  • Select creatures (Summer Giants, Wight Giants, First Men, and Deserter Camps) could display broken or incomplete animations when attacked on iOS devices.
  • While attacking a creature on the map, The creature level on success/defeat in-game banner notifications could become uncentered.
  • While using the ‘Confirm March’ panel, the text for Dragonglass would wrapdown.
  • The ‘Coming Soon’ Text in the Trinket Armory was not properly localized when changing languages.
  • Occasionally when a player changed their banner in the Banner Maker, a static yellow image would appear behind it.
  • Maxing your march size would cause the March Size Limit in the ‘Army Builder’ Panel to show as 0.
  • While in the Tower of the Hand ”Drop Rate ‘ panel ,sound effects weren’t played when tapped.
  • Occasionally while inside the City, rural plots would clip over each other.
  • While viewing the Summary info panel in the Tower of the Hand, the ‘complete’ text was wrongfully displayed.
  • Text for the Stark Relic Architect Hammer could wrap down when viewing it in the ‘Forge Recipes’ panel.
  • While healing troops using Gold, the Medic Tent did not display any visual effects.
  • Occasionally while scrolling on the Combat Map, Keep banners could display wrong in a densely populated space.