SoP Combat Adjustments ver.2 – We’re going global! (9/18/2021 Update)

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For the past two weeks, select kingdoms have had the opportunity to play around with some Seat of Power (SoP) title buff improvements. After reviewing the data and hearing your feedback, we feel comfortable that these are positive changes that can be rolled out globally to all kingdoms! 

Every SoP can expect to see at least some of their Owner/Regional title buffs altered with this round of changes. Check out our original post for more details.

In addition to the changes outlined in our original post, we’ll be adjusting King’s Landing Regional Infantry Attack Buff to Troop Attack. As King’s Landing is our only 5-star seat, we felt it was appropriate to make this buff troop agnostic. 

We’ll also be allowing players to assign SOP titles directly from their profiles. This feature has been much requested across our Community, and we are so excited to start rolling it out to all kingdoms. 

These changes will go live to all kingdoms on Tuesday, September 21st.

As always, if you have any thoughts, questions, or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you on Discord!