GoT:C – 4th Anniversary Festivities

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We’re a month away from Game of Thrones: Conquest’s 4th Anniversary, and we’re taking advantage of every week leading up to it to celebrate the community!

Read on to learn about all the events, gifts, and community fun to look out for.

Honor the Old Gods

The fun starts 9/27 with an action-packed week of rapid-fire events! 

Throughout this week we’ll have 24-hour power progression versions of some of our most popular events.

You can also collect bonus prayer rewards throughout this week when you pray to the Old Gods at your Shrine! Potential bonuses include various Hero items, like Oaths and XP!

Discord Community

When first meeting other GoT:C players, one of the first questions is often ‘What troops do you main?’ Well wonder no more, this month we add a new bot to the server that allows folks to rep their playstyle. 

Pick a side- Ranged, Infantry, Cavalry or Siege (sorry Trap mains!)

Head over to the #welcome-room channel starting 9/27/2021 to get your own special role!

Community Requests

Between Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Support tickets, we sort through a lot of suggestions daily.

One that has been requested more times than we can count is a quality of life improvement to allow players to grant and switch Seat of Power titles from player profiles

We previewed this on select kingdoms recently, last month but wanted to make sure we released this globally in time for our Anniversary. 

Thank you to everyone who takes part in the community and shares their feedback. We hope this aids you in battle, where strategies can rapidly shift and every second counts!

Bonus Gifts Throughout the Month

Starting October 4th and running through October 31st, the little birds will be dropping bonus Stamina into the daily free gift! When available, you can claim these from the offer store, by tapping the bubble in the upper right corner of your keep.

The gift will refresh every 24 hours, so make sure you claim it daily!

New Anniversary Mobile Wallpaper

Community Choice Poll and Event

In addition to the free stamina all month, this year we thought we’d put the power in your hands to pick the second half of our annual community gift!

We’ll be running a poll the week of 10/12/21, allowing players to vote on what stat boost they’d like. Steel efficiency and March Speed vs Creature came up amongst the Discord community as stats boosts that will be useful regardless of events running, but the poll will decide which one we go with!

After the voting, we’ll run the winning boost in the event panel for the week of 10/19/21 in honor of the anniversary. 

Be on the lookout for the poll on our Facebook page, and make sure to cast your vote!

 New Avatars 

To round out the month, we’ll have 2 new avatars to share the week of 10/27! 

These chilling new additions will be right at home as we head into winter and the nights grow longer… can you guess who they are?

Thank you for playing

We’re so appreciative of the amazing community that’s grown around this game for the last 4 years. We want to thank you for joining us, and we look forward to many years to come!