The Great Ranging – Technical Beta (Updated 10/18/21)

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Update 10/22/2021 :

We’re so excited to announce that next week, all remaining kingdoms will get access to The Great Ranging! Get ready to journey north and keep an eye on your message center for more info and your launch-day gift.

Read below to learn more about the changes we’ve made so far based on player feedback, and please keep the suggestions coming! Check out the #battlegrounds channel on our Discord to chat with other players and share your ideas.

Update 10/18/21:
The next kingdoms to get access to The Great Ranging this week are 834, 832, and 830 on Monday 10/18, and 837, 836, 817, and 804 on Tuesday 10/19. Additionally, continue reading to learn about our second round of adjustments coming soon to The Great Ranging!

Update 10/8/21:
More kingdoms are coming to the technical beta! Next up are Kingdoms 787, 791, and 828. They’ll be able to jump into The Great Ranging next Tuesday, 10/12.


We have some exciting news to share regarding the Technical Beta of Battlegrounds The Great Ranging (TGR)!

Read on to find out the next kingdoms getting access and what adjustments we’re already making based on your feedback!

What’s Changing?

We’d like to start off with a small change player in the beta will see in the coming weeks:

  • Hits required to fully defeat Unyielding Wight Bears, Wight Wolves and Pale Spiders will be reduced from 5 hits to 4.

This was an area we heard a lot of feedback on right off the bat, and the fix was straightforward so we’ve decided to implement it right away.

We hope that this will alleviate some pain points associated with coordinating Rallies and reward distribution, though that is an area we are still eager to hear your feedback on before making too many more changes.

Update 10/18: Additionally, we have another round of adjustments coming soon to The Great Ranging.

Creature reward drop rates for both Mance and Rattleshirt Hero Relics will be significantly increased. 

To make navigating/coordinating easier, Wight Wolves (Weak to Infantry) now primarily spawn in the north, Pale Spiders (Weak to Ranged) primarily spawn in the center of the map, and Wight Bears (Weak to Cavalry) primarily spawn in the south. Remember that lower-level creatures spawn to the west of the map, while higher-level creatures favor the east side too.

Kingdoms participating in the Great Ranging can expect to see these adjustments starting Monday, 10/18!

What’s Next?

Shout out to kingdoms 829, 777! The Beta so far has gone great and we’d like to give you folks more access to the feature now that you understand how it works. We feel comfortably extending your access past the original 8 days we stated.

We are also continuing to add more kingdoms to the Technical Beta as the weeks go on. The next Kingdoms being introduced to TGR are

Kingdoms 832 and 805.

On Tuesday 10/5 at 10am ET, players on 832 and 805 can expect to be able to build their Iron Gate. The Great Ranging will then go live at 1pm ET the same day.

Remember to check out our Known Issue and FAQ post for information on how cooldowns work, and for any new developments during the Beta!

Let us know your thoughts!

We want to thank everyone who has or will take part in the Technical Beta. It’s been great so far, seeing your reactions and watching allegiances coordinate to take down these formidable creatures.

We’ll be sending around in-game surveys to folks who have participated soon. The Battlegrounds team will be looking at these closely to help prioritize what changes we should make to The Great Ranging and future Battlegrounds.

If you have any feedback in the meantime, or if you’d like to request your kingdom be added to the beta access, please let us know over in the official Game of Thrones: Conquest Discord’s #battlegrounds channel!

We will be hanging out and making sure your feedback makes its way directly to the team!