Release Notes 2021_10

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Update 2021_10 will be rolling out over the next couple weeks! Read on to learn more about upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.

New and Upcoming

  • Our first major milestone for Battlegrounds, The Great Ranging, is nearly ready for global release! Keep up to date on progress here on the blog.
  • The team has been hard at work implementing an additional cloud save option for Android users- GooglePlay! Keep an eye out in the coming weeks as we complete the necessary work for this feature.


  • Occasionally while tapping on the “View on Map” button in an SoP Panel, the game could crash.
  • Attempting to join a Battleground while not meeting the minimum requirements would cause a ‘Joining Error – An unknown error has occurred’ popup to appear instead of the appropriate error popup.
  • Clicking on a bannerman’s coordinates in the first few minutes of starting a Battleground would cause a popup to appear that asks if you would like to leave the Battleground. 
  • The amount of players participating in a Battleground did not update in real time in the Iron Gate panel.
  • The Battlegrounds Kingdom Map error fortune cookie was not properly localized.
  • The Hourglass in the Battleground Initialization Tutorial was tipped upside down instead of rightside up.
  • Attempting to join a rally in a Battlegrounds instance while in another Kingdom gives a KvK warning popup instead of a Battleground specific warning.
  • Occasionally while attempting to join a Battleground rally while not in the instance , an alert will pop stating the player needs to use a KvK event teleport instead of telling the player they need to join the Battleground.
  •  Occasionally, while a Player is joining a battleground, a player who is not participating in the same Battleground may not see the stand in node right away. This spot still worked as intended, the stand in node just doesn’t display.
  • Defeating a creature in a Battleground occasionally increases the level of creature you can search for on your Kingdom.
  • While participating in The Great Ranging, the blizzard effect could potentially affect performance.
  • Occasionally it was possible to send 2% of your reinforcements to a SoP that already has full reinforcements using the Preset Manager.
  • After purchasing a gear template, occasionally only poor templates would appear for purchase in the Gear Template panel.
  • In the Russian Localization, the ‘Sent’ button in kingdom chat is incorrectly spaced on iPhone XR & 11 Pro Max.
  • While defeating creatures on the combat map, the levels and health bars would remain.
  • Sometimes during the First User Experience, the banner tutorial would appear above the initial offer.
  • Every time a player would create an alternative account, a memory leak would occur that would increase the amount of memory stored on a affected device.