Looking back on 4 years. . .

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It’s the 4th Anniversary of Game of Thrones : Conquest! On behalf of the Game of Thrones: Conquest team, thank you for journeying through Westeros with us and being a part of our amazing community. Let’s take a look back on 4 years of your astonishing accomplishments!

First we’ll begin with your Dragons, they have been fed a total of 742,138,636 times. They are almost never satisfied!

When it comes to your Tower of the Hand, and the Council that resided within, Jon Snow Bastard of Winterfell is the hero the majority of players have unlocked, with Hodor and Podrick Payne not far behind. Jon Snow is also the most popular hero players choose to have on their side when they march. Daenerys Targaryen – Mother of Dragons and Benjen Stark – First Ranger come in a close second and third.

Excluding Hunting events, the Lords, Ladies and Leiges of Westeros have hunted over 1,017,494,789 creatures off the combat map. They have also marched 47,405,724,952 miles (76,292,119,017 kilometers)  across the continent alone.

Last but not least, your Smithies have never stopped operating and kept your blacksmiths hard at work. They’ve reported having to craft over 1,420,821 Legendary Bucket Helms across the years! 

We are so glad to be celebrating here with you all, and to continuously be amazed by the support the Community has given us over the years.

From all of us here at WB Games Boston, thank you.

The Game of Thrones : Conquest team.