Battlegrounds: The Great Ranging Strategy Guide

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Welcome to Battlegrounds, a new way to play Game of Thrones: Conquest, built from the ground up to provide fresh and engaging experiences for our players.
Each Battleground will drop players into timed instances. These are distinct play spaces that exist outside of the traditional Westeros map you’ve grown accustomed to. These instances have their own sets of monsters which can have unique rules for attacking and defeating them.

  • Each Battleground will be a unique instance map that your Allegiance can join, and is accessed through the Iron Gate in the northwest corner of your city. (constructible when you reach Keep Level 8)
  • Allegiance leaders (T1/T2) can initiate a Battleground, and any allegiance member no on a cooldown may join
  • Chronicles of Conflict are required to join a Battleground- earn these through completing your Daily Quests!

Now, let’s take a look at our first Battleground:

In The Great Ranging players will venture to the frozen north to take on a new type of foe – Unyielding monsters.
The unyielding creature type indicates that it will require multiple successful attacks to take down this creature, and it will regenerate health if left alone too long.

● Unyielding monsters require multiple successful rallies to defeat.
● Unyielding monsters will regenerate their health if they aren’t attacked for a duration.


Because Unyielding monsters regenerate health, you will need to communicate and coordinate with your fellow allies to succeed. Planning ahead before initializing a Battleground is important to make sure your team is ready, everyone knows where they’re going, and what you’re targeting.

As your team goes on the hunt, a possible strategy would be to aim for lower-end monsters first, to gauge your team’s strength, before tackling the tougher foes. The lion’s share of rewards is granted upon the final killing blow to the monster, so you’ll want to focus your attention on getting a rapid succession of rallies lined up to take those Unyielding monsters down.

  • Get your team ready and strategize ahead of the Battleground, you only have 30 minutes starting once the first player joins the Battleground.
  • Most of the rewards are granted on the final hit to the monster. Aim for monsters you know you can fully defeat, not just wound.
  • The key to victory is coordination; line up a sequence of devastating rallies to ensure the monster doesn’t have time to regenerate.
  • Each attack, even failed attacks, will delay a monster’s ability to regenerate. Use this to your advantage!

Navigating The North

In the frigid tundra north of the Wall, it’s ice and snow as far as the eye can see. You’ll want to know where you’re going and what you’re targeting before jumping into The Great Ranging to make the most of your 30-minute excursion.

There is also Battlegrounds-exclusive loot to look out for, notably the Night’s Watch Pawn and 2 new Heroes- Mance Rayder and Rattleshirt. While Pawn Shards are dropped by all 3 creatures, the rest of their reward profiles vary by creature.

  • Wight Wolves (Weak to Infantry) primarily spawn in the north, and drop Mance Rayder Hero Relics
  • Pale Spiders (Weak to Ranged) primarily spawn in the center of the map, and drop Advanced Resources
  • Wight Bears (Weak to Cavalry) primarily spawn in the south, and drop Rattleshirt Hero Relics
  • Lower-level creatures tend to spawn to the west of the map, while higher-level creatures favor the east side.

When organizing your Rally teams, consider what rewards you want to target, as well as your team’s strengths compared to each creature’s weakness. Then, communicate what part of the map teams should gather in to ensure you can quickly join Rallies.

More to learn

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Good luck on your hunt and have fun!