The Great Ranging Iteration Phase

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Hey everyone! 

The Great Ranging was released globally last week, but as the Beta tag implies, we’re not stopping there. Our intent with Battlegrounds was always to make something really accessible and fun for the larger audience possible, and to do that we want to listen to the players as much as possible.

We’ve gotten some great feedback from our community about various aspects of the new game mode, and we’ll be steadily investigating and trying new things to tackle the most commonly voiced suggestions. 

Today we’ll be looking next batch of adjustments. These will be timed trials so we can get input and confirm that these are appreciated changes before we commit.

Cooldown Timers

What are we adjusting

Initialization Cooldown will be reduced from 24 hours to 12 hours.

The Great Ranging Join Cooldown will be reduced from 3.5 days to 3 days

Kingdoms Included

 832, 805

Dates Active

November 2nd-15th

Allegiance Requirements

This next adjustment is aimed at reducing some of the coordination complexities, especially for teams coordinating across timezones. Some allegiances have expressed interest in using smaller teams per Battleground run, and we’re willing to give it a shot.

What we are adjusting

Allegiance size requirement will be reduced from 20 down to 10.

Kingdoms Included

1111, 1112 

Dates Active

November 3rd-16th

Let Us Know What You Think

As always, your feedback informs what we will prioritize for this feature. Be sure to fill out surveys and let us know your thoughts over on Discord in the #battlegrounds channel!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more updates as we continue to iterate and implement more requests. 

Thank you for playing!