Coming Soon: New Resource Plots!

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Introducing Boost-Unlocked Resource Plots- An extension of the farm plot system intended to address requests to have more access to rarer resources over time.

This will be available within the next few months, so let’s get into what you can expect!

How it Works

The first new resource building added will be focused on Steel.

During the Maintaining Poise Trinket crafting event on November 9th-11th, players on kingdoms 1108 & 1109 will be able to activate a new Steel Foundry Unlock boost when claiming their goal 7 progressive reward chest.

While this instant boost is active you may construct and upgrade the new Steel Foundry by tapping an empty farm plot to the south of your city. This boost currently lasts 2 days once unlocked, so plan accordingly. 

Once built, the Steel Foundry will generate Steel over time, just like your Sawmills generate Wood, Quarries generate Stone, and so on. When there are resources to collect, you can tap the bubble above the building to add them directly to your inventory.

You can only construct or upgrade your Steel Foundry when you have the Steel Foundry Unlock boost active. Once the boost expires, you cannot construct or upgrade this building any further until you acquire the boost again in a future event. The Steel Foundry will continue to generate resources for you, even when the boost is not active.

More to come

We will be giving a few kingdoms a first look at this feature in November, and hope to roll out to more kingdoms in the following month or so! 

We also hope to expand to more plot types beyond steel in the future, so keep an eye out and let us know what you think over on Discord.

Happy crafting!