Release Notes 2021_11

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Update 2021_11 is rolling out! Read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.

New and Upcoming

Snow blankets the city in a deep frost this month! ❄️ Because of this, please allow for additional loading time the first time you open the game after updating. While assets are still downloading, you may see symptoms such as:

  • buildings within the city not immediately loading in
  • the combat map not being available
  • slower loading in general

We recommend that you connect to a strong wifi connection rather than cellular data for this update and the first time you load in after updating, and if you encounter any of the symptoms above, leave the game open for a minute to let it finish downloading in the background before attempting to play.

If you restart the game while it is in the middle of this background downloading, it will have to restart the next time you load in, so it’s best to just let it sit open unless its been an excessive amount of time (several minutes.)


  • Occasionally the Initialization Button would be missing in the Iron Gate.
  • Occasionally the fire visual affect would overlap with the Iron Gate building.
  • Tapping coordinates in battle reports while on a Battleground Map would attempt to send the player back on to the Kingdom Map.
  • Certain banner notifications did not properly display while participating in a Battleground instance.
  • While in a Battleground, the collapsible event list would become a white square.
  • While waiting for a Battleground Instance to start, the 5 minute warning would be missing text.
  • When a player went to rejoin a Battleground, a textbox that states ‘An Unknown Error Has Occurred’ would popup.
  • Attempting to join home kingdom Rallies while in a Battleground instance, generated an incorrect KvK error message.
  • The Initialization error while trying to join a Battleground before your cooldown was up did not specify a lockout time.
  • A players house name could overlap the Iron Throne pawn while on the Combat Map.
  • While looking at SoP Takeover messages in Kingdom Chat, a kingdom could show the incorrect Kingdom Number
  • When viewing the rainy city scene, the rain sound effects did not loop.
  • When sending marches and viewing the Combat Map for 2 hours or more, memory leaks could occur on iOS devices.
  • While trying to Advance Teleport on the combat map, players could potentially exceed the map limits by dragging the keep across the combat map.
  • When a piece of gear was selected in the Preset Manager, other rarities of that gear piece would disappear.
  • While using a Random Teleport, occasionally a copy of your keep would be left behind and marked as ‘Unknown’.
  • Occasionally players were unable to join a Battlegrounds instance.
  • The Battleground icon would not appear when players selected the Iron Gate after returning from The Great Ranging.
  • Battalions were displaying Allegiance colors instead of a players personal banner.
  • While in the Node Finder, tapping the corresponding event would cause them to briefly flash white.