November Heroes Preview – Tyrion and Anguy

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In November, two new additions will be joining the Game of Thrones: Conquest roster of heroes! This month introduces Tyrion Lannister – Hand of the King and Anguy – The Archer. You can expect them to be available on November 15th!

Let’s take a look into their skills and see how they can be incorporated in your Marches and Small Council!

Tyrion Lannister – Hand of the King

Tyrion Lannister (Hand of the King) will be your leading force when rallying against Seats of Power. When sent on marches, he’ll bolster your Troop’s Attack and Defense when attacking Seats of Power. At the same time, he provides a bonus to your Rallied Troop Capacity and Joining Rally Marching Speed so that you can begin your assault quicker. Here’s a full breakdown of his March-driven skills:

  • +Max March Size
  • +Rallied Troop Capacity
  • +Joining Rally Marching Speed Vs. Seats of Power
  • +Troop Defense Vs. Seats of Power
  • +Troop Attack Vs. Seats of Power

When Tyrion is seated at your Small Council, here are the buffs you can expect:

  • +Iron Gathering
  • +Rallied Troop Capacity
  • +Max March Size Vs. Seats of Power

Anguy – The Archer

Anguy, the talented archer hailing from the Dornish Marches, makes his debut to Game of Thrones: Conquest! Fittingly, his skills focus on Ranged Vs. Infantry. These skills will be activated when he’s leading your marches:

  • +Max March Size
  • +Ranged Attack Vs. Players Infantry
  • +Marcher Ranged Defense Vs. Player Seats of Power
  • +Ranged Attack Vs. Seats of Power
  • +Ranged Defense Vs. Players Infantry

Driven by his influence at the Small Council, the following skills will be activated:

  • +Ranged Training Capacity
  • +Marcher Ranged Health Vs. Players

We hope you get a chance to try out these new heroes in November! If you like this preview or have opinions on how it could be improved, visit us on Discord and post your feedback in the #heroes channel.