December Heroes Preview – Petyr and Luwin

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Closing out the end of the year, two new heroes will be making their way onto the Game of Thrones: Conquest roster! December introduces Petyr Baelish – The Unrequited and Maester Luwin – Loyal Servant. Their release is happening on December 14th during the next Heroes of the Great Game event!

Let’s explain their focuses so you can see how they can fit into your March and Council pre-sets!

Petyr Baelish – The Unrequited

Petyr Baelish (The Unrequited) is a March focused hero that specializes in Cavalry skills. You can expect to see Cavalry Attack, Health, and Defense all receive a boost when he’s leading your marches. Make sure he’s in your army if you’re rallying against Seats of Power and attacking other Cavalry or Ranged players!

Here’s a full breakdown of his March-activated skills:

  • +Max March Size
  • +Marcher Cavalry Defense Vs. Players
  • +Cavalry Health Vs. Players Seats of Power
  • +Cavalry Attack Vs. Players Cavalry
  • +Cavalry Defense Vs. Players Seats of Power
  • +Cavalry Attack Vs. Players Ranged

When seated at the Small Council, the following skills will take effect:

  • +Max March Size Vs. Creatures
  • +Barracks Training Capacity

Maester Luwin – Loyal Servant

Maester Luwin (Loyal Servant) is exclusively Council-focused and features a variety of Utility skills. He’s a great choice for Strategic Terrain events such as Children of the Forest, The Climb, and Profit for Chaos due to his boosts in Strategic Resource Gathering and Marching Speed towards Strategic Terrain. If you’re hunting Creatures, you’ll enjoy a nice buff to Troop Attack Vs. Creatures!

Here’s an overview of all of his Council-activated skills:

  • +Strategic Resource Gathering
  • +Marching Speed Vs. Strategic Terrain
  • +Stable Training Capacity
  • +Research Speed
  • +Max March Size Vs. Resources
  • +Troop Attack Vs. Creatures

We hope you get a chance to try out these new heroes in December! If you like this preview or have opinions on how it could be improved, visit us on Discord and post your feedback in the #heroes channel.