January 2022 Kingdom Merge – UPDATE 1/14/2021

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The next merge will be taking place on Wednesday, January 19th!

Soon, players on these kingdoms will be shielded and randomly placed on a new map with Keeps from other, similar Kingdoms. Progress and Allegiance ties will remain, but players will lose any Seats of Power or granted titles they hold. New allies and enemies await!

Make sure to check your upcoming event panel for pre-merge events leading up to the merge.

Whats New?

All merging kingdoms will be closed at 9AM EST. You will not be able to log in until after your merge is complete. Check out the #merge-day channel on discord to keep an eye on when merges finish!


All merging Kingdoms will be kicked out at 10AM EST as usual.
However players on merging kingdoms won’t be able to initialize a Battleground until after merge, starting at 8AM. Any currently active Battlegrounds that have been initialized before 8:00AM will continue and end as normal.

The first kingdom merge will start at 10AM EST. After that we will go in the order listed below. Each merge takes a variable amount of time.

Join us at discord.gg/gotconquest ✰

Merge Order|K1|K2|K3|K4

Wishing you all good fortune in the wars to come!