Release Notes 2022_01

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Update 2022_01 is rolling out! Read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.

New and Upcoming

  • We recently added the ability to view another player’s coordinates via the Actions drop-down menu on your profile. Use this well to coordinate and find your allies across Westeros!
  • Keep on the lookout for a new addition that will allow players to be able to quickly swipe between Troop Types in the Troop Train panel.
  • We will also be adding the ability more easily clear out an already existing preset! Keep a lookout in the coming weeks for this new addition. 
  • Updates are also coming for the Heroes system… stay tuned here for an official announcement in the next few weeks!

Bug Fixes

  • Tapping on the Resources icon within the Shrine would not grant players the available resources after upgrading your Keep to level 15.
  • While holding a Seat of Power, occasionally the Avatar shown in the “Title Details” panel would be the SoP owner rather than the Title holder.
  • The chat preview on the HUD would show the last live chat sent in Kingdom Chat, even when it was muted.
  • The Banners aspect ratio would differ between the players profile and the city scene.
  • While reinforcing an ally’s SoP, if an enemy player begins a Scout march towards the Ally’s SoP, a popup would state that an Ally’s Keep was being scouted instead of the SoP.
  • When starting a new account, the Army Builder panel tutorial wouldn’t begin if a player used the Node Finder to locate a Farm or Sawmill.
  • If a Bannerman was removed after sending a message to their Liege through the Liege chat window, the message notification would show as unread, despite not having access to the Liege chat window.
  • After viewing another players profile and gaining a House level, the wrong avatar would display on the “House Level Up” panel.
  • If a player was viewing a chat, the Red Notification dot indicating a new message had appeared would linger after exiting the chat window.
  • While in the Smithy entering the stat panel in the “Manage Equipment” panel would deselect the gear template.
  • When researching with multiple Maesters, the countdown timer on the Maester Tower would not display for the 2nd research after completing the first.
  • Opening the “Seat of Power” panel and then selecting the “Title Info” panel would require the player to back out of the Seat of Power info panel twice.

As of our next update, we will be sunsetting support for the following older devices: Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. If possible, please upgrade to continue playing Game of Thrones : Conquest.