February Preview Discord Stage – Announcement

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Hello everyone! Back in September, we tried something new with our community and hosted our very first Discord Stage. It was there that we were able to give you an early preview of Battlegrounds and introduce you to its Lead Developer, Goose, who you now all know. You also had the opportunity to interact with our Community Manager, Tabris, and meet our Social Media Manager, SpectreVortex, for the very first time. We had an awesome experience with the first Discord Stage and we want to do more!

We plan to host Discord Stages with the Game of Thrones: Conquest community more regularly so that we can give you a glimpse of exciting new features, introduce you to the development team, prepare you for upcoming events, and just to hang out!

With that all being said, we invite you to join our February Preview Discord Stage happening on February 1st at 4 PM EST! We’ll be giving a rundown of the Tourney at Harrenhal event arc, additional events to lookout for, the next gear set, and more! 

You can prepare beforehand by joining the official Game of Thrones: Conquest Discord server here. The talk will be taking place in the Game of Thrones : Conquest Stage channel and #stage-chat text chat channel on the mentioned date and time. We can’t wait to chat with you all there!

February 1st @ 1 P.M. PST / 4 P.M. EST / 21:00 UTC / 23:00 CEST