February Preview – Tourney At Harrenhal

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In February, participate in the largest tournament held in the history of Westeros, the Tourney at Harrenhal! Represent your house by entering into each competition — the Archery Contest, the Joust, and the Grand Melee. During each phase of the tournament, look for special elite enemies on the map with rotating vulnerabilities.

The day is warm, though winter has not yet ended. In honor of Lord Whent’s daughter’s nameday the dark fortress of Harrenhal is adorned with banners; cheers and battle-clangor fill the air. Challengers from far and wide have come to test their mettle. Even Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, who seldom rides in tournaments, is preparing to enter the lists.

Archery Contest (Tourney Part I): Feb 2nd – Feb 8th

  • Elite Archery Knight
  • Vulnerable to Ranged
  • Event Bonus: +40% Ranged Attack, Ranged Defense, Ranged Health 

The Joust (Tourney Part II): Feb 8th – Feb 14th

  • Elite Joust Knight
  • Vulnerable to Cavalry
  • Event Bonus: +40% Cavalry Attack, Cavalry Defense, Cavalry Health

The Grand Melee (Tourney Part III): Feb 14th – Feb 25th

  • Elite Melee Knight
  • Vulnerable to Infantry
  • Event Bonus: +40% Infantry Attack, Infantry Defense, Infantry Health

Queen of Love and Beauty

Starting on February 12th, take part in a special mid-month event series! Train up your army and capture Strategic Terrain sites across the map. While doing so, earn special Champion’s Garlands to reward your favorite allies. The last event, Queen of Love and Beauty, you’ll have to be the most popular in all the seven kingdoms to rise to the top of the leaderboard!

Festival of the Warrior

The Festival of the Warrior is upon us! Pray for the Warrior to offer you strength to defeat your enemies in the wars to come!

From February 10th-17th, you can earn Gifts and Favors by completing Daily Quests. Send Favors to earn Points for you and your Allegiance, and trade Favors for time-limited Recipes. Be sure to come back every day to complete your Dailies so that you can contribute points towards your Allegiance’s progressive quest for even more rewards!

Gear Season VII: Laughing Knight Gear Set

At the Tourney at Harrenhal, there appeared a mysterious figure, known as the Knight of the Laughing Tree. Defending the honor of a bullied crannogman, he wore mismatched armor along with a shield that branded a smiling weirwood.

With the Laughing Knight Gear Set, expect to see a mix of Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Rally Combat stats! This is a great set to use if you’re planning on rallying against Seats of Power or other players. Want to focus your build on a specific troop type? Here are the individual pieces you’ll want to craft:


  • Laughing Knight’s Steel Greaves (Boots)
  • Laughing Knight’s Jousting Spear (Weapon)


  • Laughing Knight’s Arboreal Tabard (Chest)
  • Laughing Knight’s Winter Rose Ring (Ring)


  • Laughing Knight’s Steel Armet (Helmet)
  • Laughing Knight’s Plate Skirt (Pants)

What do you think of February’s Gear Set? You can discuss your builds and feedback in the #smithy channel in our Discord!

Gear Season V + VI and Trinket Crafting Flashbacks

This month, Season V and VI gear have returned! Starting on February 16th, crafting material caravans for Season V and VI gear will be available for you to attack. Check out which gear sets are available below:

Season V

  • Dornish Royal Gear Set
  • Lost Ranger’s Gear Set
  • Crow Slayer Gear Set
  • Keep Architect Gear Set
  • War Hound Gear Set
  • Tourney Queen Gear Set
  • Fiery Zealot Gear Set

Season VI

  • Lion Queen Gear Set
  • Drowned Disciple Gear Set
  • Freedom Gear Set
  • Crannogman Trapper Gear Set
  • Northern Guardian Gear Set
  • Rimed Revenant Gear Set
  • Highgarden Socialite Gear Set

Three Trinket Collections will also be returning on February 23rd! Complete your Trinket Armory with the following:

House Stark

  • Artisan’s Compass
  • Smuggler’s Knot
  • Gelding Knife

House Lannister

  • Rough-Sewn Eyepatch
  • Wine-Stained Tome
  • Bloodied Crown

House Greyjoy

  • Sapper’s Lantern
  • Shark’s Tooth
  • Septa’s Bell

PvP Preview

Three PvP events will be active throughout February! Here’s the upcoming schedule to help you prepare:

Children of the Forest: February 1st-2nd

At the very start of the month, Children of the Forest will begin! In this event, you’ll earn points by gathering Battlefield Salvage, engaging other players in combat at Strategic Terrain, and trading Battlefield Salvage for resources in your Recipes tab. Combat will be sure to intensify at these battle sites!

The Climb: February 19th-20th

Mid-month will feature the Climb! In this event, points are earned by attacking Strategic Terrain and Seats of Power. Keep in mind that points are not earned by attacking players at Keeps.

KvK – War For The Throne: February 25th-27th

February will close out with KvK – War For The Throne! This is a unique game mode where you can join your allegiance and secure Seats of Power at home or across the Narrow Sea to earn points and exclusive KvK Pawn Shards. Check back later this month for a list of kingdom pairings!


Love is in the air, so why not decorate your desktop and mobile devices with some blue roses? Check out February’s wallpaper below!

To save on Mobile, tap and hold the image, and select “Download image”. To save on Desktop, right-click and select “Save image as…”



Dragon Showcase

Let’s take some time to recap the awesome Dragons we featured last month.

The first Dragon we featured in the new year for the Dragon Showcase was Bubi! Trained by FORCE from Kingdom 837, Bubi is as powerful as he is adorable.

Next up, let’s meet FRÂÑK THE TÂÑK’s dragon, Mr McGregor! You can always spot him in Kingdom 1109 in the midst of battle creating chaos.

If you’re interested in getting your Dragon featured in a future showcase, tweet us your submissions on Twitter @GOTConquest using the #GOTCDragon hashtag!

Listen to the Discord Stage!

Did you miss the Discord Stage at the beginning of February? No worries! You can listen to the full broadcast below. Be sure to tune into the 19:00 minute mark for some exclusive studio updates!

We Value Your Feedback

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look into the month of February. If you like this preview or have opinions on how it could be improved, visit us on Discord and post your feedback!