Release Notes 2022_02

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Update 2022_02 will be rolling out! Read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.

New and Upcoming

  • Introducing Preset Builds!  This will allow players to put their Council, Gear, and March preset into one singular preset. Keep a lookout for when this is turned on in the coming month!
  • We’ve also increased the amount of Council presets you can own from 3 to 16. Keep a lookout in your Maester’s Tower for when this is turned on in the coming month!
  • We’ve updated the Gold Confirmation panel! When using Gold to purchase or upgrade an item, you will now be able to see the current amount of gold in your inventory to compare.

Bug Fixes

  • Entering a training building for the first time after loading up the game would auto select tier 11 troops.
  • The active event bubbles on the city scene would disappear when a battlegrounds instance expired.
  • Using gold to speed up troop healing time could cause an ‘Unknown Error’ pop-up to occur.
  • While using the Screen-Reader, players couldn’t access the Overlay Settings Panel.
  • While using Screen-Reader, players couldn’t access the “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” Panel.
  • While a Preset was equipped, removing a Hero from a Preset then Saving would not remove the hero.
  • In Tyrion’s tutorial, pressing ” Find a nearby Farm or Sawmill’ would cause the Player to be unable to select any resource.
  • The Preset Manage would load a different preset if the user tapped the ‘Next’ button after tapping ‘Save & Equip.’
  • If the Node Finder is already searching for a creature, trying to search again from an Event Panel would not work.
  • After loading into the game and immediately going to the Kingdom Map, Seat of Power Leaderboards, the banners flicker.
  • Wall health didn’t display on Seats of Power owned by NPCs.
  • The chat bar didn’t apply the Profanity filter to incoming messages.
  • An unread message icon would appear inconsistently on Scout Target reports in the Message Center.

As of this update, we have sunset support for the following older devices: Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. If possible, please upgrade to continue playing Game of Thrones : Conquest.