Heroes – 2022 Update

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Happy 2022 everyone! We’re starting the year off with some big changes for the Heroes system in Game of Thrones: Conquest. 

  • Hero release cadence is changing to bi-monthly
  • We’re investing more into the existing Heroes catalog with new Hero Collection Actions
  • And we have a suite of highly requested quality of life improvements to make swapping your Heroes even more convenient (Including Preset Builds)

Keep reading to see what feedback is being addressed, and what new additions you can expect to see in the near future!

Hero Release Cadence

We have heard your feedback regarding how quickly new Mythic (Orange) and Heroic (Purple) Heroes are released, so this year we’ll be approaching it differently. 

Going forward, we will be releasing new Heroic and Mythic Heroes every other month instead of monthly.

For example…

  • In January, 2 new Heroes were released
  • In February, there will be no new Heroes released
  • In March, there will be 2 new Heroes released
  • In April, no new Heroes will be released

…And so on.

We’ve also seen requests to add some new Uncommon (Green) and Rare (Blue) Heroes as well. This is something we are open to exploring down the road, so if you have any strong opinions here, please let us know over on Discord!

Hero Collection Actions

Along with shifting gears with release cadence, we also wanted to add some deeper gameplay and value into your existing catalog of Heroes. 

The goals here are to-

  • Give you more to do with your Heroes
  • Passively reward you for any Collection progress you make, regardless of whether that Hero is currently used in your Council or marches
  • Not introduce any additional resource costs to access this content. We’re just giving you more to do with what you have.

Enter Hero Collection Actions (or HCA). This system introduces a new resource called Influence which can be spent on different Hero Actions each day. Influence is generated over time and cannot be purchased.

The actions available to you will depend on your Hero Collection Level, or how many Stars your Heroes have combined across your whole collection. 

We wanted to keep this straightforward and attainable, so after the initial milestone unlock there is a flat progression. Every 3 stars you add to your collection will either unlock new actions or improve ones already unlocked. (And those stars can come from upgrading any Hero- it’s the overall star level of your collection that counts here.)

Each action provides a different benefit that lasts for a length of time and some actions have a number of uses. Every action has a cooldown period before it can be used again.

For example, Plentiful Harvest is unlocked when you hit Collection Level 15, and provides production boosts to your resource plots for 12 hours (with a 1 Day cool down between uses).

We’ll get more into the different types of actions and their uses in a more in-depth guide coming soon, so stay tuned for more info!

Did someone say Presets?

We have a few other commonly requested Quality of Life releases we wanted to pair with this release that we think folks will be excited about.

Additional Small Council Presets through Research

  • This adds a new Small Council Presets research node to the Logistics Research tree
  • A total of 13 additional Council Preset Slots will be available through this Research

Preset Builds added to Preset Manager

Link Hero Council, Gear, and March Presets together using Preset Builds to make swapping your loadout for any scenario even more convenient.

This was a HUGE request we’ve seen from players ever since the Preset Manager was released last year and we’re excited to start rolling it out!

Look out for all these changes coming soon

We expect to start previewing all of the above features starting in February, so keep an eye on your in-game Message center in the coming weeks to see if your Kingdom is selected. 

And don’t forget to let us know what you think over in the #Heroes channel on Discord!